As a faculty member, you provide guidance and knowledge about your area of expertise to your students. In return, you expect:

  • Honesty, scholarly work on assignments.
  • Academic integrity on exams.
  • Nondisruptive behavior in the learning community, both in person and online.

Student Conduct supports your efforts by helping you address academic misconduct and disruptive behavior. We can:

  • Present relevant information and resources to your students.
  • Discuss incidents of academic misconduct with you.
  • Help you with the academic misconduct process, including documentation.
  • Assist you at an academic misconduct board hearing.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to discuss a specific incident.

Academic Misconduct

You must respond to incidents of academic misconduct using the academic misconduct process. This includes completing an Academic Misconduct Incident Report Form.

Learn more about:

Disruptive Students

You have the authority to control classroom behavior. We can help you maintain an appropriate learning environment by helping you address disruptive behavior. You can report disruptive behavior to your department chair and help get assistance for distressed students.

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Grade Appeals

The grade appeal process is separate from but related to the academic misconduct process. Though you retain control of all grades, you may have to adjust a grade based on the results of an academic misconduct investigation or hearing.

Learn more about academic misconduct and grade appeals.

Tips and Resources

Here are some ways you can promote academic integrity in your courses:

  • Consider a range of penalties for academic misconduct, instead of using the same penalty for every violation.
  • Define academic misconduct and consequences in your syllabus.
  • Discuss the consequences of academic misconduct and encourage questions.
  • Provide students with resources for academic success.
  • Prepare students for exams in advance.
  • Actively proctor exams, using technology resources to help (LockDown Browser, Blackboard, Safe Assign).

You can also use the following NIU resources:

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