College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Deans' Award

The Department of Philosophy is pleased to announce that Chelsie Verstraete has been chosen recipient of a 2022 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Deans' Award for making contributions to the academic community and achieving scholastic excellence while an undergraduate in the Department of Philosophy. Congratulations, and thank you, to Chelsie!

In 1970-71, the College office established an annual Deans' Award to give recognition to seniors who made outstanding contributions to their major departments. The criteria established for these awards are: (1) successful completion of at least 90 semester hours, (2) attainment of at least a 3.0 grade point average, and (3) nomination by departmental faculty based on service to the department or college.

Philosophy Department Deans' Award Winners

2022 Chelsie Verstraete
2021 DeVonté Fuller
2020 Sharkey
2019 Sarah Castle
2018 Sabrije Fejzoski
2017 David Lorenzo
2016 Scott Anderson
2015 Haley Dutmer
2014 Derek Brown
2012 Evan Dutmer
2011 Sara M. Bosilovatz
2010 Jim Barakat
2009 Adrian M. Seeley
2006 Emily C. Strom
2003 Michael E. Dreyer
2000 Evelyn Haun Zuroske
1998 Raymond J. Dybzinski
1997 Wendy Sue Parker
1993 Onofrio Lagattolla
1991 Michael B. Brezinsky
1990 Kimberly Short
1989 Dana Ann Parisi
1988 Herman E. Stark
1986 Frank Gonzalez
1980 Stephen Page Hansen
1979 Carlos Morin
1978 Laura K. Metallo
1976 Dorothy Coleman
1975 Dorothy Coleman
1974 Maureen McGovern
1973 Carl S. Yamamoto