M.A. Program


The Department of Philosophy offers a program of study leading to the Master of Arts degree. It has a strong reputation as one of the best M.A. programs in the country, with focal strengths in the core areas of contemporary analytic philosophy—metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, philosophical logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of science. The M.A program offers opportunities for funding, including graduate assistantships, and has an outstanding record of placing students into leading Ph.D. programs in philosophy. The program also prepares graduates to teach at the community college level, provides a strong foundation for further study in fields other than philosophy, and cultivates skills transferable to a variety of careers outside the academy. Alumni of our program can be found in diverse fields such as international aid, public relations, data analytics and pastoral ministry.

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Department of Philosophy
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Undergraduate Advisor
Prof. Steve Daskal
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Graduate Advisor
Prof. Carl Gillett
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Department Chair
Jason Hanna
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