Graduate Programs in Women's and Gender Studies and LGBT Studies

In our curriculum, we encourage critical inquiry, reflection, and self-expression through classroom practices that promote tolerance for diverse views and sources of knowledge and that provide ample opportunity for synthesis and expression of ideas through discussion and writing. 

At the Graduate Level, we Offer the Following Options:

Students may pursue any of our certificates in conjunction with a graduate degree or as a non-degree seeking student-at-large. Learn more about the student-at-large status and application information.

Outside of the classroom:

  • Contact us if you want to assist with our graduate colloquium programs. Graduate students play an integral role in organizing these programs. Learn more about the graduate colloquium program.
  • If you are interested in presenting your research, and/or proposing an event, let us know.

More Information

What do our students say?

  • “The certificate helped me land my first academic job because my employer was impressed by the breadth of the coursework for this certificate.”
  • "I was hired right after graduaction because, in addition to an understanding of issues related to diversity, the certificate helped me gain many of the top skills that employers look for today."
  • “The certificate gave me a "leg-up" on (other) job candidates because it demonstrated a dedication to social justice and an ability to work across disciplines.”

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