Women's and Gender Studies (WGST)



Our interdisciplinary minor in Women’s and Gender Studies examines historical and contemporary roles, perceptions and contributions of women, as well as other gender-related issues.

If you are interested in declaring this interdisciplinary minor, contact us for information and advisement.

Minor Requirements

*Note: There is an error on the catalog page for the WGST Minor. The required courses are WGST 101; WGST 201 or WGST 202 (not both); and WGST 432; plus 9 credit hours of electives. Contact us if you have questions.


Our interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate in Women's and Gender Studies examines issues of historical and contemporary gender inequality, as well as the contributions of women, both within the U.S. and abroad. The certificate will help you function as an informed citizen and successful professional in the 21st century global society.

If you are interested in declaring the WGST certificate, contact us for information and advisement.

Undergraduate Certificate Requirements