Art and Design Education (B.S.Ed.)

Why Study Art and Design Education at NIU?

Students committed to our art and design education program are serious scholars and creative risk takers. Our Bachelor of Science in art education is an undergraduate degree designed for those who are or intend to become art educators in K-12 schools. Whether you’re in pursuit of your K-12 licensure in art education or if you already have a degree and are now looking to expand your skills, increase your knowledge and continue your professional development within the field of art education, our programs offer a comprehensive, supportive and diverse opportunities to create, learn and grow.

Careers with an Art and Design Education Degree

Students who graduate from NIU with art and design education degrees find rewarding careers in multiple fields, including teaching in K-12 and community settings, museum and gallery management, and higher education.

Art and Design Education Faculty

Our philosophy: A visual culture approach to teaching art and design.

Our art and design education faculty are devoted teachers, artists and researchers with international reputations and a variety of disciplinary interests. Internationally recognized and academically diverse professors provide you with a comprehensive, real-world art education that prepares you for leadership in the workforce. Learn more about our faculty in the School of Art and Design.

Hands-on Learning Opportunities

We consider our community and global engagement as inherent to our work as cultural ambassadors, art educators and visual culture scholars. And we build long-lasting relationships with local organizations to share our love of teaching and art making with the others through classes, workshop events and summer camps.

Also, our faculty, alumni and students continue to have an active presence at local, national and international conferences as we improve our practices, expand research in the field and shape contemporary art education worldwide.

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