Transfer student, Ajibola Taiwo, poses near NIU statue.

Transfer Credits and Program Major Guides

Will My Credits Transfer?

NIU accepts credits in transfer from any regionally accredited institution of higher education.

Credit evaluation at NIU is based on the similarity of transfer courses to equivalent NIU courses, usually requiring a 70% match. However, some programs may have higher requirements based on accreditation or licensure. Transfer courses that meet 70% or more of general education requirements but lack an equivalent NIU course can still be used to fulfill those requirements.

NIU Transfer Credit Estimator

Create an account in our Transfer Credit Estimator for a free, unofficial estimate of how your credits apply to different NIU degree programs.

Use this tool to:

  • See how your college credits would apply to up to 3 different NIU degrees.
  • See how close you are to graduating with different NIU majors.

NIU Transfer Course Equivalencies and Major Guides

See how your courses will transfer to NIU and what courses you should be taking for your intended major.

Use this tool to:

  • See how a specific course will transfer to NIU.
  • See which courses you can take at your current college prior to transferring to NIU.

Additional Resources

Articulation Tables
Organized by institution, our articulation tables list community college course and their NIU equivalents.

Four-year Degree Paths
Our four-year degree paths show the proper timing and pacing of your major and general education requirements.

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