Keep Informed

NIU is a big place with a lot of events, activities and important information to keep up to date on. Here the best ways to stay informed of it all.

Check Your Email

Will every email be exciting? No. Will many of them have important information about your classes, financial aid, etc.? Yes. Are you expected to read your email and be responsible for timely responses when required? Yes and yes. You can download Outlook to your phone to make it easier.

Read Announcements

The Weekly Scroll is a newsletter that will arrive in your inbox every Monday with the latest events, updates and tips. It’s a quick and easy read.

Download Apps

We offer a suite of apps that put resources at your fingertips—for academics, fun, financial aid, safety, email and more.  

Connect on Social Media

Social media is great for exploring and connecting. It’s also a place where misinformation can spread. Join your "Class of" Facebook group to connect with other Huskies and see timely, accurate and engaging posts about campus.

View the Events Calendar

Visit the events calendar when you want to know what there is to do today, tomorrow or a month from now. Each entry tells you the activity, time and place.

Huskie Spotlight

Kanjana Thepboriruk

"Take the time (and courage) to put yourself in a new situation. Are there things you haven't ever heard of or done? Do that! Who knows, it might become your new favorite thing."

Have a Question?

Take a look at frequently asked questions about ways to stay informed about events and programs.

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