Stay on Track

College isn’t easy, but it can be manageable if you’re proactive, create a plan and use the many resources available to you.

Three Tips for Academic Success

Go to Class

When you go to class, you learn more. You retain more. Your professor sees you and participates in your learning. You connect with classmates. You thrive. You succeed.

Stay Organized

The key to getting and staying organized is mapping out what needs to be done, then doing it in small steps. Here’s one approach:

  • Read the syllabus for every class to make sure you know what’s expected and when.
  • Use an academic planner to keep track of homework and tests, as well as work, meetings and other commitments.
  • Check the academic calendar for important dates, including course withdrawal/add deadlines and university holidays.
  • Use Navigate Student to find a study buddy. Connect with fellow students and help each other using the Navigate Student app
  • Study outside of class for two to three hours a week for every credit hour you take. For example, if you register for 16 credit hours, you should study outside of class for at least 32 hours a week.


We want you to let us know how we can support you. By checking, sending and responding to email, you can keep up with important tasks that need your attention. Be sure to: 

Truth: You’re not alone at NIU!

Connect with Your Professors

Huskie Spotlight

Tae Adams

"I’ve benefited a lot by attending class every day. I learn new material every day, and I’m not playing the catch-up game because I don’t skip class."

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