UnD're Wilson

UnD're Wilson

UnD're Wilson is a mechanical engineering major from Chicago, IL

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Year: Expected graduation: 2022

Major: Mechanical Engineering

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Are you pursuing that as a major, or have you taken another path?
A mechanical engineer. I am pursuing that path.

What is your major (and/or minor) and why did you decide on this course of study?
My major is mechanical engineering. I chose this major after doing three years of research and watching lots of YouTube videos. It helped me identify that I had a passion for understanding how things function and work on a mechanical level. 

What has been something you have found pleasantly surprising about your experience at NIU?
The ability to connect with students who have similar upbringings. 

How have you connected with other students virtually to study for classes, meet new people or form new friendships?
Through Microsoft Teams and by reaching out in private chats during classroom discussions. 

Are you involved in any student organizations, mentoring programs or extra-curricular activities? If so, which ones? How have they added to your experience as a Huskie?
I am the current president of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and a third-year community advisor (CA). These experiences have helped me grow personally and as a leader. They have helped me achieve my goals and set bigger goals for myself in life. I wouldn't be the man I am today if I hadn't pushed myself to go further. 

Who has been one of your favorite instructors/professors and why? What course did they teach?
I had Brian Veitch for MATH 230. He is always there for his students and willing to help them learn in any way possible.

Where is your favorite spot on campus or in the community? Why are you drawn to it?
The East Lagoon. It is a great place for me to clear my head, come up with new ideas and relax. 

What advice would you give to a student who is applying to colleges?
Get with an organization or an older student on campus to help and support you.

Coming to college, what is something that you have had to learn to do differently?
Have an open mind when you look at things. The world is always changing, and you should want to be part of the change and not get stuck in the past. 

What do you do to relax or recharge?
Listen to audiobooks, go for walks or play games.

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