COVID-19 Vaccines

Anyone in Illinois over the age of 16 is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine starting April 12, 2021. You should take advantage of the first opportunity to get vaccinated that you are offered.

The state of Illinois Department of Public Health offers a tool that allows you to simply enter your ZIP code or the name of your city to find the locations nearest you. All vaccinations require an appointment, regardless of where they are administered.

If you live or work in DeKalb County, you should sign up for clinic notifications on the DeKalb County Health Department (DCHD) website and regularly check their vaccine appointment scheduling page.

The DCHD is offering two vaccine clinics for NIU students in mid-April. NIU students can find the link to register for one of those clinics in their NIU email. 

While NIU cannot require that you get the shot, we consider the vaccination of as many members of our community as possible to be a vital step on the road back to normalcy and strongly encourage you to participate. Please note: It remains important to wear your mask, wash your hands and observe physical distancing. 

Students who provide proof of vaccination in the fall will be excused from the weekly COVID-19 surveillance testing requirement for the fall 2021 semester. Make sure you take a photo of your vaccine card and keep the card or proof of your vaccination in a safe place.

Please review the FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about the vaccine. 

COVID-19 Vaccines FAQ

COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

Johns Hopkins Medicine –
Learn more about how the vaccines were developed, how safe they are and how effective they have been, and more.

Mayo Clinic –
Can you get COVID-19 from the vaccine? Will it alter your DNA? Can the vaccine make you infertile? These questions and others are discussed at length.

Center for Disease Control –
Find answers to questions such as: How long does the shot provide protection? Will you need to wear a mask after you are vaccinated? Do you need to get vaccinated if you already had COVID-19?

Vaccine Panel Discussions

For a more in-depth understanding of the vaccines currently in use, as well as pandemics past and present, check out the two February panel discussions below featuring experts from NIU and the DeKalb County Department of Public Health.

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