Campus COVID-19 Dashboard

Update: With the close of the academic year, the Campus COVID-19 Dashboard will be discontinued beginning Monday, May 16. The evolving nature of the pandemic means that total cases and surveillance positivity rates are no longer as useful measures of the severity of the virus and instead data on COVID-19 related hospital admissions, ICU bed availability, and deaths are more important statistics. While the university is not able to track these statistics for the campus community, that information is available county wide

While the university continues to follow Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order surveillance testing requirements for unvaccinated employees and students who are on campus, the number of participants in the summer is quite small and not reflective of the community’s positivity.  

Moving forward, the university will transition its COVID-19 surveillance program entirely to wastewater testing, which allows the university to create an unbiased snapshot of the SARS-CoV-2 viral load within the community at any given time. The wastewater dashboard will be updated weekly.  By the fall semester, the wastewater dashboard will be expanded to monitor 11 sites on campus including each residence hall.

Campus COVID-19 Dashboard for Academic Year 21-22

NIU documented all reported student and employee COVID-19 cases beginning Thursday, Aug. 19 with move-in through Friday, May 13, the last day of the academic year. Reported cases and recovery data included students and employees who were physically on campus, at a satellite location (Rockford, Lorado Taft, Naperville) or at an affiliate location where coursework occurred, within 14 days of testing positive. We also included students with a DeKalb address even if they weren’t on campus. The information was updated daily, Monday through Friday, except during university closures.

The following provides a high-level of summary of the data.

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