Campus COVID-19 Dashboard - Spring 2022

NIU uses a COVID-19 Dashboard for our Huskie community to track infection and testing data using available data from our campus-administered surveillance testing program, self-reporting and notifications from the DeKalb County Health Department. The university only reports known positive cases of faculty, staff and students who have physically been on campus within 14 days of testing positive. Faculty and staff data are grouped together as “employees” on the dashboard. This information will be updated daily by 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, beginning Wednesday, Jan. 5, except for university holidays and closures, to coincide with students returning to campus.  

Gateway Testing

NIU students who are not vaccinated and receive exemptions from NIU are required to take COVID-19 tests upon arrival for their scheduled move-in times. Students will not be permitted to move into their rooms if they are positive. In the event of positive cases, those students will be required to follow isolation protocols and stay in our designated isolation spaces or return home until cleared to return. NIU will report any positive cases as part of our daily dashboard counts. 

Surveillance Testing

As part of the university’s multi-pronged COVID-19 mitigation strategy, all students and employees who will be on campus during the spring 2022 semester are required to participate in weekly surveillance testing unless they provide proof that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.  

Weekly aggregate surveillance testing results are posted each Monday, or Tuesdays in the event a holiday falls on a Monday, beginning Monday, Jan. 10. Positive test results will also be reflected in the university’s daily, current statistical totals as the results are received.  

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