Protect the Pack Pledge

Huskies take care of Huskies. We're resilient, respectful and moving forward, together. By following guidelines to promote the health and well-being of the NIU community, we can help protect each other from the spread of COVID-19.


I recognize that I play an important part in ensuring the health of our university community. I pledge to Protect the Pack by taking care of myself and the community that cares for me.

I will keep myself and fellow Huskies healthy by:

Caring for Myself

  • Wash my hands/use hand sanitizer often.
  • Keep my space and belongings clean.
  • Peform daily wellness checks.
  • Avoid risky behaviors.

Caring for Others

  • Stay home if I feel ill.
  • If I am not fully vaccinated, wear a face mask that covers my mouth and nose and follow guidance on physical distancing, both on- and off-campus.
  • Follow instructions from NIU about testing and quarantining.

Caring for My Community

  • Help keep shared areas clean.
  • Follow instructional signage.
  • Notify the university if I test positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms.
  • Consider getting a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Choose to be positive and uphold NIU’s values.

Take the to Pledge to Protect the Pack

The Protect the Pack Pledge Pledge is voluntary, and your signature will not be used to track completion. Regardless of whether you choose to sign the pledge, all students, faculty, and staff are expected to follow University policies and procedures.

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