M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a Specialization in Engineering Management

About the Program

This convenient and affordable master’s degree program will prepare you to lead teams of engineers, scientists and technologists in a range of organizations. Our curriculum of engineering, technology and business courses will hone your skills in areas such as project management, risk management, continuous process improvement and decision analysis. Your capstone project will give you an opportunity to put theory into practice, as you work with a company to solve a real-world engineering management issue.

You can choose to specialize in decision analysis or global logistics. The decision analysis track will develop your risk-assessment and decision-making abilities, while the global logistics track will prepare you to solve global logistics problems using innovative techniques.

Program Mode of Delivery

The coursework is 100 percent online. 


  • ISYE 539 - Six Sigma Performance Excellence and Modern Problem Solving
  • ISYE 542 - Engineering Project Management
  • ISYE 590 - Systems Engineering Management
  • ISYE 620 - Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects
  • ISYE 699 - Graduate Project
  • MGMT 505 - Principles of Management
  • FINA 505 - Fundamentals of Financial Management
  • ACCY 505 - Financial Accounting Concepts
  • Nine credit hours of technical electives from two different tracks.

Information about specific course requirements can be found in the NIU course catalog.


Applying to the Program

Start your application now with the NIU Graduate School.

Why NIU Online?

We know you have responsibilities and commitments. It's just easier if you're able to take classes where you are without the commute. The good news is that with NIU, you're not alone. Your classmates and instructors are available via the same technology that helps deliver your classes. In our classrooms or in your living room, we want you to succeed academically because your future is our focus.

Program Type: Online master's degree
College: College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Credits Required: 30 credits
Tuition per Credit: $559.75 (Learn more about tuition and fees)

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Application Deadlines

For applicants residing in the U.S.

Term Deadline
Fall August 1
Spring December 1

For international students living abroad

Term Deadline
Fall October 1
Spring December 1


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