Departure Checklist

Below are the tasks which should be completed upon an employee's departure. The Exit Checklist (XLSM) must be signed and turned in to Human Resource Services.

  • Civil Service employee - It is required that the employee complete the formal Resignation Form with the HR-Employee Life Cycle team. Please email with any questions.
  • Faculty and Support Professional Staff (SPS) employee - The employing department must attach the resignation and/or retirement letter to the "Vacate" request in PeopleAdmin.
    • Final Benefit payout may be delayed if this information is not submitted to HR in a timely manner.
  • Request employee to complete exit survey which is designed to monitor and address issues of recruitment, retention, climate, and diversity initiatives at NIU. The completion of survey is strictly voluntary. All information is confidential and will be maintained by the office of Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Education.
  • If faculty, verify that all grades have been submitted.
  • If a supervisor, verify that all evaluations, correspondence, etc., have been completed.
  • Confirm that the employee has provided Human Resource Services with:
    • Accurate current or forwarding address
    • Complete final time card or final benefit usage statement
  • Remind the employee to contact Human Resource Services to discuss:
    • Continuation of health coverage under COBRA
    • Conversion or continuation of life insurance
    • Distribution of retirement contributions
    • Payout of sick and vacation time
  • Discuss disposition of mail received by department.
  • Remove all personal items from offices or lockers.

Financial Liabilities

  • Cancel signature authority over university accounts by sending a memorandum to Accounting.
  • The employee should reconcile any cash advances or petty cash accounts by contacting Accounting.
  • Any non-reimbursed travel expenses should be processed through the department prior to the
    employee's termination date.
  • Return any university credit cards:
    • Gas
    • Telephone
  • Settle any university parking fines or library fines or unsettled accounts.
  • Note to the employee that any outstanding debts to the university (i.e., parking or library fines or unsettled accounts) may delay refund of retirement system contributions. Outstanding debts should be settled prior to the effective date of separation. Recommend that an employee check with Parking Services as to whether any refund will be available if they own a red reserved parking tag.
  • Access to facilities/equipment and disposition of university property
  • Return University keys – Contact Key Control to give the department a complete list of all keys issued to the departing employee. All keys and the appropriate form must be returned to Key Control.
  • Non-retirees: return OneCard to department. Department will return to OneCard office
  • Retirees: Exchange OneCard for a "Retiree OneCard" at OneCard office.
  • Return university property being used on or off-campus including but not limited to equipment/supplies listed below:
    • Computers
    • Laboratory Equipment
    • Cellular Phones
    • Disks
    • Modems
    • Vehicles
    • Pagers
    • Software
    • A.V. Equipment
    • Manuals
    • Radios (2-way)
    • Uniforms
    • Library Property

Access to Online Accounts and Systems

  • Non-retirees: When an employee separates from the university, their NIU account ID is disabled immediately following the date of separation from NIU and all permissions and authorizations are removed. Access to MyNIU HR Self Service remains for 60 days to allow the separated employee to view and download their final pay advice.
  • Retirees and emeritus faculty: Once a faculty member is awarded Emeritus status, they receive email access for their lifetime. Please discuss with your department chair to request continued access to your employee email account.
  • Retired Civil Service and SPS: If you are or will become a member of the NIU Annuitants Association, you may request a retiree account by contacting
  • Cancel telephone services: Email asking that the voicemail feature for the employee be canceled and include the disposition of the phone line, phone, network connection and directory information.
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