Why Vote?

Voting in the General Election

“Voting is your civic duty.” This is a pretty common sentiment, especially each November as Election Day approaches. Participating in elections is one of the key freedoms of American life. Many people in countries around the world do not have the same freedom, nor did many Americans in centuries past. No matter what you believe or whom you support, it is important to exercise your rights.

In the general election, we vote for the President of the United States, as well as some other positions including candidates for Congress, Senate, and some state and local representatives.  Check BallotReady to see who will be on your ballot.

Voting in a Local Election

Elections that take place in odd-numbered years, commonly referred to as consolidated elections, rarely feature any election to a federal office. Instead, these elections typically decide municipal and other board positions.

The outcomes of these elections can have a huge impact on the day-to-day workings of our community. As an NIU student, you have the option to register to vote using your local address where you live for most of the year and where many issues have an impact on you while you live here.

Consolidated elections decide positions such as township officials, city council members, school board members, park board members and more. These are the officials that make decisions on issues, such as affordable housing and rental properties, buses and transportation, parking, law enforcement, public safety, and green spaces etc.

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