Huskies Vote: 2020 Election

Huskies Vote

Your voice. Your vote.

Northern Illinois University strives to prepare its students for success by equipping them not only with the knowledge to excel in their careers but also with the critical thinking skills that will allow them to thrive in life.

As an institution dedicated to the free exchange of knowledge and ideas, we teach our students how to find and evaluate information and impress upon them the importance of hearing out all viewpoints. We seek to instill in them our core values of integrity and collaboration and to demonstrate to them the strength that can be found in diversity.

Through these efforts we hope that those who pass through our halls will leave with an appreciation for the importance of being an informed and active participant in our democracy and go on to become leaders dedicated to building stronger communities and a better nation for all.

Post-election Resources

Check out these post-election resources, including events, support and reflections.

Upcoming Events

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like to propose an event related to the ALL IN Campus Challenge, email us at

If you want to host a voter registration event and would like a deputy registrar to attend, contact Sandy Lopez at .

Watch a video from Student Government Association Senate Speaker Brad Beyer to learn more about voting and voter registration.

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