Holmes Student Center Policies and Procedures

In an effort to protect the well-being of our campus community, it is necessary for the Holmes Student Center to follow all Protecting the Pack protocols. If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us at hsc@niu.edu.

Building and Facilities Usage

  • Normal building hours for the Holmes Student Center (HSC) are 7 a.m. – midnight, Sunday through Saturday. Campus Dining location hours may differ.
  • In order to have the building closed by the times listed, facilities will begin closing as early as one- and one-half hours prior to the stated times to secure the building properly.
  • Events may not begin until 30 minutes after building has opened. Events must end at least 60 minutes before building closes.
  • Building hours are subject to change.
  • The HSC is intended to be used by Northern Illinois University (NIU) students, faculty, staff, guests of the university, and participants of authorized on-campus activities. As such, the building is not a place of unrestricted public access. Staff may ask anyone, at any time, to provide their NIU OneCard for identification.
  • All clients, external and internal, are responsible for the behavior of their guests and participants. HSC facilities, meeting spaces, and equipment must be left in the same condition they were found in. Damages caused by participants are the financial responsibility of the hosting organization(s).
  • HSC staff will ask individuals or organizations to stop any disruptive activity or to leave the building. Repeated or severely disruptive behavior will be grounds for banishment from the building. If an individual is uncooperative, NIU Police and Public safety will be notified.
  • Non-NIU guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, adult chaperone, or NIU representative at all times. Organizations who host underage guests will be accountable for their guests’ actions.
  • Rooms may be occupied only during the specified reservation times.

The HSC is not responsible for the damage, loss, or theft of personal property. Individuals believing personal property has been stolen or damaged should contact HSC Operation Services.

Although the HSC strives to provide the optimal conditions for all events, certain circumstances may arise beyond the control of the university which may impact our ability to fulfill arranged obligations. In such cases, the HSC will work to reschedule the event to the best of our ability, but may not provide refunds or discounts. Circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental health and safety concerns
  • Weather emergencies
  • Need to evacuate
      Spaces may be evacuated at any time due to unforeseen circumstances. In such situations, events may resume only after receiving approval from Public Safety.
  • Temperature control failures
  • Mechanical and utility failures
  • Technology, network, and connection failures
  • The Hotel at Holmes strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for their guests and the campus community. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse service to ensure the safety and security of their guests. Failure to respect HSC and NIU policies may result in removal from the facility and/or incur additional charges.
  • Reservations
    • Guests of the Hotel must be at least 21 years of age to secure a guest room reservation.
    • Reservations must be made in advance; walk-in reservations are not accepted. 
    • Check-in time is 4 p.m. and checkout time is 11 a.m.
  • Payment
    • The Hotel does not accept cash; guests should be prepared to secure their reservation with a credit card or cost center number.
    • The credit card used for payment, along with a valid ID, must be presented at check-in.
    • The Hotel reserves the right to preauthorize a credit card above the cost of the room.
    • Third party payments will not be accepted as a form of payment. 
  • Occupancy
    • Occupancy is limited based on guest room or suite, and must be provided at the time of reservation.
    • Noise should be kept to a minimum out of respect for other guests.
    • Parties are not permitted in guest rooms or suites.
    • A party is defined as anything exceeding the occupancy limit per guest room or suite.
    • Stays resulting in the need for additional cleanup or repair to a room will incur additional charges. 
  • Parking
    • The Hotel at Holmes guest parking is available in the visitor pay lot upon check in.
    • Loading/unloading spaces are on the west side in the turnaround of the HSC. Parking in these spaces is limited to 30 minutes for hotel guests checking in or out of their guest room. A fine will be assessed for anyone not in compliance.
    • After check-in, hotel guests should move their vehicle to the visitor pay lot and display their parking hang tag on their rear-view mirror to avoid being ticketed by NIU Campus Parking Services.
  • The HSC will uphold and enforce the NIU Alcohol Beverage Policy.
  • Consumption of alcohol is limited to the HSC facility in which the beverage was purchased or served.
  • Any alcohol brought by Hotel guests from exterior of the HSC must remain in the guests’ hotel rooms.
  • Amplified sound will be measured and regulated by HSC technical staff and is prohibited when it disrupts NIU educational activities or university business.
  • Outdoor - Prior approval is required for amplified sound used outdoors. Approval will be granted only if the following conditions are met:

Prior approval is required for amplified sound used outdoors. Approval will be granted only if the following conditions are met:

    • The event will not interfere with a previously scheduled event.
    • The event will not start before 8 a.m. on any day and must conclude by 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday evenings.
    • All outdoor events by Recognized Student Organizations utilizing amplified sound must be registered and approved through Huskie Link.
    • The level of sound measured from the source to the audience will not average more than 95 dBA with sound peaks no more than 100 dBA. The table below details how noise levels will affect continuous listeners and cause noise-induced hearing loss.

Noise Level

Time Spent Listening Until Damage Occurs

90 dBA

2 hours

95 dBA

50 minutes

100 dBA

15 minutes

105 dBA

<5 minutes

110 dBA

<2 minutes

    • Amplified sound from outdoors must not exceed 60 dBA inside any classroom building while classes are in session.
    • The sound level should not measure more than 55 dBA at the perimeter of campus.
    • No outdoor events involving amplified sound are permitted during NIU finals week.
  • Complaints regarding outdoor amplified sound at events should be directed to NIU Police and Public Safety. NIU values civility, collegiality, diversity, and inclusiveness. We ask that music and other performances align with these values. Please see the NIU Freedom of Expression Policy for limits to expression.
  • Requests for exemption from, or adaptation of, the Amplified Sound Policy must be submitted to the Dean of Students office no less than three weeks prior to the event. The type of sound being played, the time of the event, the mission of the event, and the proximity of the location to classrooms, residence halls, and other events will be taken into consideration when reviewing exemption requests.
  • Although NIU and the HSC contain education-based venues, the Copyright Act of 1976 still applies in most cases.
  • Any media used in HSC venues that does not fall under Fair Use must obtain and produce public performance rights specifically using those medias.
  • At all times, the HSC will determine the time, place, and manner of recording that may occur in the building. When HSC Administration has given approval to an individual or organization for recording, HSC staff will direct the appropriate use of space with regard to the safety and welfare of the public.
  • Recording will take place in the pre-determined designated area only. HSC guests cannot be recorded without their knowledge and permission.
  • Anyone wishing to film in public facilities and requiring special production resources must make arrangements a minimum of six business days in advance and are subject to the terms and conditions outlined above.
  • Filming for Class Projects
    • Students wishing to film in HSC facilities for a class project assignment must contact Reservations and Event Management to make arrangements a minimum of two business days in advance.
    • If approval has been given, the same policies will apply as identified above.
  • Facility access for event decorating and clean up must be arranged, scheduled, and approved by Reservations and Event Management staff in advance of each event. Access to the venue, other than the agreed upon times, will not be allowed. Decorations are permitted in the reserved spaces only.
  • Decorations include, but are not limited to: props, signs, banners, displays, streamers, and balloons. They must not pose fire, health, or safety risks, or damage to university property. The HSC does not provide materials for decorating.
  • Painters tape (blue) or removable adhesive mounts are the only acceptable fastening material to be used on surfaces.
  • Requests for assistance in hanging decorations must be made prior to the event with Reservations and Event Management. Staff labor charges will apply.
  • Decorations and supplies must be removed immediately after the event by the sponsoring organization. HSC staff is not responsible for equipment or supplies left behind following an event.
  • If decoration removal and/or excessive cleaning is required in the facility following an event, a cleanup fee will be charged to the sponsoring organization.
  • The following items are prohibited:
    • Confetti
    • Glitter
    • Sequins
    • Tiny decorative materials which are difficult to clean up
  • Items that are regulated by fire code or may activate the smoke detection system will require preapproval by Reservations and Event Management and NIU Risk Management. Special requests to use these items must be made at least 10 business days prior to the event. Upon approval, additional permits and fees may be required. Items requiring pre-approval include:
    • Helium-filled balloons
    • Wax candles
    • Incense
    • Open-Flames
    • Fog machines
    • Fire and/or Pyrotechnics
    • Fountains
    • Large containers of water

Insurance needs will be determined by the risk level and scope of the event. Please consult with Reservations and Event Management regarding the need to provide proof of insurance to supplement the reservation agreement.

  • Arrangements for parking for events should be made as far in advance as possible with a minimum of two business days prior for events occurring Monday through Friday by contacting NIU Campus Parking Services.
    • For visitor pay lot parking inquiries and to plan parking for a large event, please email paylot@niu.edu with questions.
    • Departments requesting guest parking should include contact information, cost center number, date, time, name of the event, and number of anticipated guests.
    • Overflow parking may be accommodated as needed.
  • Visitor pay lot parking is available on a first come, first-serve basis at a fee per vehicle (per entry or per day), including those parking in motorcycle and handicapped parking spaces. Cash and major credit cards are accepted forms of payment. Visitor pay lot hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Vehicles in the lot at 7 a.m. without a valid permit will be ticketed.
  • All guests of the university must adhere to NIU Campus Parking Services regulations while parking on campus, including in the visitor pay lot.
    • Parking in reserved or service vehicle spaces is limited to those vehicles with an appropriately displayed, valid permit.
    • Parking inquiries, including tickets, should be addressed with NIU Campus Parking Services.
  • While parking is typically free on the weekends, NIU Campus Parking Services reserves the right to assess special charges for parking on weekends.
  • Valet service may be arranged with external vendors with prior approval from Reservations and Event Management.
  • Any dog or miniature horse that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. Animals whose sole function are to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.
  • Service animals are permitted in all university facilities. There is no legal requirement for service animals to be visibly identified or to have documentation.
  • Any animal whose behavior poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others, would cause substantial physical damage to the property of others, would pose an undue financial and administrative burden or would fundamentally alter the nature of the university’s operations may be excluded regardless of training, documentation, or certification.
  • Hallway tables may be reserved through Reservations and Event Management by Recognized Student Organizations or university departments for activities that provide a service for or enhance the mission of NIU.
  • Any fundraising must be for the benefit of NIU or a nonprofit organization. Merchandise sales may not compete with HSC operations or retail tenants. Food sales of any kind are not permitted.
  • Requests for hallway tables may be made for the current semester only and are limited to 1 table, 5 days per month. Requests must be made a minimum of two business days in advance of the date of use
  • Display windows may be reserved through Reservations and Event Management by Recognized Student Organizations or university departments for announcements, promotions, or marketing. Window display dimensions are 40" wide x 60" high.
  • Window display reservations will be for a period of seven or 14 consecutive days and will begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday. Organizations are limited to two weeks per semester. New displays may be installed any time on the first Monday of reservation. Expiring displays must be removed no later than 9 p.m. of the last Sunday of the reservation. A fee may be assessed to any organization or department for not removing their display by the time stated above.
  • Installation
    • HSC will not supply installation materials.
    • Window paint is prohibited.
    • Only masking or painter’s tape is permitted for affixing materials in the display windows.
    • Organizations will be required to pay for any damage incurred during installation, display, or removal.
  • Liability:
    • HSC reserves the right to remove and discard a display, which is deemed inappropriate to the philosophy and mission of the HSC or NIU.
    • HSC will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items used in a display window.
    • HSC will not be held responsible for damages to displays if they must be removed as a result of an organization not meeting the obligations set forth in this agreement.
    • HSC may only retain items that must be removed from a display for up to one week, at which time they may be disposed of.
  • Display windows may not be used to promote any candidates for student elections or for any individual political candidate. However, a display may be used to promote nonpartisan voting.

In addition to the listed HSC policies and procedures, all federal, state, and local laws and policies apply, including but not limited to the following policies:

Event Planning

  • Assignment of space will be determined by Reservations and Event Management and made based on the type of event, the anticipated number of guests, and the availability of rooms.
  • An organization should designate one client as the point of contact for their event to work with an HSC event coordinator when planning an event.
  • A request for space does not guarantee a space, even if the facility is available at the time of request. Organizations should not advertise their event until they receive confirmation of their reserved space. After a client has met all reservation requirements, a reservation agreement will be emailed to the client by HSC Event Coordinator. The HSC, at their discretion, may change room assignments to accommodate larger or smaller attendance.
  • A reservation will remain incomplete until the HSC is provided with all equipment, set up, staffing, and catering information for the event, as well as all approvals of the event in Huskie Link, if applicable. Payment for services for student events also must be received prior to the event.
  • In order to have a successful event, organizations are encouraged to plan well in advance of their event, but must adhere to the following deadlines:
    • Noon, 15 business days prior to the event – Initial request made for events requesting catering and setups that require staff labor charges.
    • Noon, six business days prior to the event – Final confirmation of all event details, including but not limited to: setups, audio-visual, catering count, security/staffing, and equipment.
    • Noon, two business days prior to the event – Single request requiring no catering, equipment, or staff labor charges.
    • Events beginning on the weekend must have final confirmation of all event details submitted by noon on Friday of the week prior.
  • While we strive to provide the best service possible, event change requests within the dates listed above will only be granted as resources allow.
  • Transparency is critical to event success. While we respect the privacy of our clients, full disclosure of event details and plans are necessary to ensure appropriate assignment of space, event support, and usage of space. Failure to completely disclose event activities may result in loss of scheduling privileges and/or Student Conduct referrals.
  • Scheduling priority is determined in order to remain consistent with the university's mission. The following categories define space use priorities for the HSC. In addition, they help ensure that space and equipment are first and foremost for university-based events that primarily benefit NIU students, staff, and faculty. These categories also identify events that carry fees for space/equipment use and external programs or partnerships that require insurance and event contracts to manage liability and risk.
    • NIU Orientation and Admissions activities will have the highest priority for facilities use.
    • RSOs, university events, and other university organizations will have next highest priority in the scheduling and assignment of facilities.
    • Non-university organizations will have the lowest priority and are not permitted to reserve space more than 12 months in advance of their event, and during the following restricted dates, without prior approval from HSC administration.
      • One week before classes begin in August until the first Monday of November.
      • End of Spring Break through Undergraduate Commencement.
  • Once scheduled, organizations and events will generally not be rescheduled or moved. However, the HSC reserves the right to move any organization to another campus facility or reschedule that event to accommodate the needs of other organizations assigned a higher scheduling priority by this policy.
  • Department, organization, or business name
  • Contact name, phone, and email
  • Valid cost center, accounts receivable number, or credit card for billing
  • Event name and type
  • Date and time of event, including set up and removal time
  • Anticipated guest count
  • Preferred staging setup
  • Equipment and/or catering needs
  • Recognized Student Organizations must abide by the "On-Campus Student Organization Events Policy".
  • Reservations for the current semester can only be made by an organization officer. If there are fees associated with the reservation, the officer must be authorized to request those expenses. Authorized officers include the president, treasurer and accounts receivable officer.
  • Organizations are limited to two reservations per week, including one informational meeting or one two-hour performance practice.  This limit does not include events open to non-members.
  • Performance (dance, theater, music, etc.) practices are limited to one, two-hour session per week booked in advance for the Ballroom and Sandburg stages. Performance practices are limited to the time windows of 5-7 p.m., 7-9 p.m., or 9-11 p.m., and may be relocated or cancelled to accommodate larger events.

Fronting is defined as an eligible campus-based user, student organization or individual reserving space for another client or organization. Hiding or concealing the identity of the true client for any reason is prohibited.

  • Per the On-Campus Student Organization Events Policy, student organizations must utilize HSC staff and NIU Police and Public Safety for event staffing and security.
  • Campus departments and off campus clients may utilize private security with consent from NIU Police and Public Safety and HSC Administration.
  • Security requirements will be developed by HSC staff and NIU Police & Public Safety on a case-by-case basis dependent upon factors including, but not limited to: expected attendance, event history, comparison to similar events, nature of tickets being sold, and type of event.
  • Reservation requests should be submitted at least two business days in advance and by noon on Wednesdays for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday events. Requests that do not meet these deadlines may be denied.
  • Resources permitting, organizations may be able to book a room inside of two business days, set "as is" with no additional services provided, for a $25 fee.
  • Requests for changes, additions, or alterations to set up, technology, or staffing will incur additional charges.
  • To maintain compliance with the On-Campus Student Organization Events Policy, last minute reservations requested by student organizations must be for the student organization members only.
  • In order to accommodate all incoming event requests, organizations are responsible for confirming and honoring their reservations. Organizations that fail to use the reserved space (without prior notification) may result in loss of scheduling privileges and/or Student Conduct referrals.
  • After the first offense, the reservation contact will be sent a "no-show warning" email. After the second offense, the reservation contact will be sent a "no-show policy violation" email and the above sanction will be enforced.

Services and Fees

NIU students support the HSC through payment of student activity fees. Due to this significant financial support, they are provided certain priorities and privileges. No state funds are received to cover operating expenses. Therefore, certain charges must be assessed for various rentals and services provided.

  • No Fee – Student Government Association Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) - Meetings, conferences, and events must meet all the criteria below in order to not be charged for event space or internal equipment rental. Additional service fees may still apply.
    • Origin: Event is requested by a RSO.
    • Purpose: Event is for the sole benefit of the university.
    • Revenue Generation: Revenue generated is for the student organization and must be generated in accordance with NIU policies and procedures.
    • Partnership: The event may be supported through a partnership with an external organization; however, the audience must only consist of NIU attendees.
    • Planning: The student organization serves as primary client for all event related details.
  • No Fee – NIU departments and administrative Units - Meetings, conferences, and events must meet all the criteria below in order to not be charged for event space or internal equipment rental. Additional service fees may still apply.
    • Origin: Event is requested by a university department.
    • Purpose: Event is for the sole benefit of the university.
    • Revenue Generation: No revenue is generated by this event.
    • Partnership: The event is not being planned or supported through a partnership with an external organization.
    • Planning: A department representative serves as primary contact/planner for all event-related details.
  • University Rate – Student organizations and university departments that meet any of the criteria below will be charged for space and equipment rental. Space rental includes setup/breakdown, tables, chairs, and any AV systems permanently installed in the space. Additional service fees may still apply.
    • Revenue Generation: The event generates revenue for a university department or external organization
    • Purpose: Event is not for the sole benefit of the university.
  • Standard Rate – The program, meeting, or event is an initiative of a private company, nonprofit, or individual. The following criteria apply to Standard Rate events:
    • Nonprofit: Nonprofit 501c3 organizations, NIU alumni, faculty, and staff that are hosting a personal event (retirement party, wedding, family reunion, private reception, etc.) will receive a 10% discount* off the Standard Rate.
    • *Space Only: Discount applies to space only. Events may also carry fees for staff and equipment such as staging, risers, dance floors, AV systems, police details, etc.
  • Campus departments must provide a valid departmental cost center number at the time of booking. Reservations will not be accepted without this information.
  • Recognized student organizations must provide a Student Government Association funded cost center number at the time of booking. If an RSO does not have a cost center number, then they need to coordinate payment prior to their event with the Student Involvement accountant.
  • External clients must provide a valid credit card or accounts receivable number at the time of booking.
  • Deposit for 50% of the room rental rate is required from external clients at the time of booking to secure a space within the HSC. Room rental deposits are non-refundable.
  • Accounts receivable:
    • Three months prior - 100% of room rental due
    • Two months prior - catering selections confirmed
    • 11 business days prior - estimated guest count due and 80% payment due for all ordered services
    • Six business days prior to event a final guest count is due. Any additions made after this date are charged an additional 20% per person by catering
    • The remaining amount, including last-minute additions, fees, and total staffing hours, will be billed after event.
  • Payments for weddings and special events require:
    • Food and beverage minimums:  Packages are based on a per person charge for either a minimum of 100 guests or a $5,000 food and beverage minimum
    • Within one month of booking special event, $500 non-refundable deposit or 25% of the rental amount if room rental is less than $500 and an account established with NIU.
  • Daily rental rates for HSC spaces vary by client and room. The university rate is 25% of the standard room rate.







Capitol Room*









Gallery Glassed Area


















Sky Room*



University Suite Dining*



University Suite Living*



03/04 Rooms*



05/06 Rooms*



  • Rooms marked with a * are set in a standard chair and table configuration. Requests for changes to the set will require a fee of $50.
  • Organizations must return their chair and table configuration to the initial set they begin with. If an organization makes changes to their initial set and fails to fix them by the end of their event, they will incur a $25 fee. Additionally, loss of future scheduling privileges and/or Student Conduct referrals may occur for no-shows or excessive cancellations.
  • Special Events: HSC must receive written notice of cancellation.
    • Cancel 61 or more calendar days before event and receive a full refund of room rental except $500 non-refundable deposit. If room rental is less than $500, 25% will be held as the non-refundable deposit.
    • Cancel 60-31 calendar days before event and receive a 50% refund of room rental paid.
    • Cancel 30 calendar days or less before event, receive no refund of room rental paid.
    • Cancel 10-7 business days before event, receive a 50% refund of ordered services paid.
    • Cancel six business days before event, receive no refund of ordered services paid.
  • HSC standard staff labor rates are $12 per person per hour.
  • Building Services and Campus Trades (Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, etc.) labor rates are established by university administration and are in addition to any materials charges. The HSC will act in agreement with those rates and pass them on to the client when charging for their services.
  • The HSC reserves the right to set minimum staffing levels required for all event and labor requests depending on the nature of the request and the availability of staff.
  • Extensive set-up requirements, as established by HSC staff, will incur additional charges.

Catering at the HSC is a division of NIU Campus Dining Services, provides catering for events occurring within HSC. The catering menu features extensive options for clients to choose from. Catering adheres to strict standards regarding the preparation and delivery of consumable products. Consumption of outside food in any private meeting space by any organization is not permissible and may result in loss of future scheduling privileges or Student Conduct referrals for RSOs. HSC staff will act in agreement with the rates charged by Campus Dining Services and pass them on to client when charging for their services. Weddings and special events must provide their menus two months prior to their event.

The HSC offers a wide variety of audio-visual and staging equipment to enhance events. With a broad selection of equipment and services to meet client’s needs, as well as a creative technical staff, the equipment is chosen to complement the event and allow clients to focus on the audience rather than the technology.

  • Technical Staff
    • Complementary support includes up to one half-hour of set up, troubleshooting, assistance, and customer instruction. It does not include a technician dedicated to the event.
    • Any equipment or software brought by the organization for their event will not be programmed or fixed by HSC technical staff. If the equipment is to be plugged into the house systems then HSC technical staff will provide the standard input cables. Technicians, at their discretion, may advise the client on how to solve issues with their equipment or software.
    • Most of the audio-visual equipment is available for use without a technician. If a technician is required, then hourly rates will apply.
    • Any event that includes musical acts/performances should include a sound check time with technical staff. Clients should arrange a time with their event coordinator when booking the event.
    • Any requests for an event technician, or equipment that would require one, made within six business days of the event are not guaranteed.
  • Equipment Usage
    • The client will be held responsible for any loss or damages that occur to the equipment under their reservation. The client may be assessed a fee for repair or replacement costs determined by HSC technical staff.
    • Conference phones can be added to certain rooms, when available. A fee may be assessed for this service, and they must be reserved in advance. Conference phones can call or receive from one number only. This is not a conference line. Student Organizations and NIU departments must contact NIU's Division of Information Technology to setup conference lines. External organizations should make arrangements through their Event Coordinator.
    • Audio recordings of an event may be created and distributed after prior consultation with Production & Technology Services. Recording requests of any kind must follow the Event Planning timeline in order to be made available.
    • All cables that are placed through guest walkways must be fixed to the floor using methods approved by technical staff using a non-damaging adhesive.
  • Rates for Production and Technology Services are available through a client’s Event Coordinator.

Internet connections are provided free of charge for HSC guests. Acceptable usage of the wired and wireless internet should follow NIU Department of Information Technology's Acceptable Use Policy.

The unencrypted ‘NIUvisitor’ Wi-Fi network is designed to cater to guests visiting campus. Guests visiting campus can register for access to the visitor Wi-Fi network. This registration will be valid for five days from the registration date. Registration can be found at NIU guest wireless instructions.

  • The HSC has three pianos available for use. A grand piano on the Duke Ellington Ballroom stage, an upright in the Carl Sandburg Auditorium, and a baby grand for public use in the Promenade Lounge. Use of the Promenade Lounge piano is free in its present location and condition.
  • Pianos may only be moved about the main floor by HSC staff. Labor fees may apply. Some moves may require door mullion removal by Campus Trades. A fee for mullion removal will be passed on to the client and must be coordinated a minimum of 15 business days prior to the event date.
  • HSC pianos are tuned at least once a year. Tuning requests must be made a minimum of 15 business days in advance and fees for tuning will be passed on to the client.
  • Wayfinding signage that includes the HSC logo is available free of charge.
  • Custom signage for events is available for a fee, which includes design work and the first five signs. Proof of a sign will be emailed within five business days of an event. Signs will not be printed without proof approval.
  • All signage requests must be submitted to a client’s event coordinator 15 business days in advance of their event. HSC sign stand inserts measure 11" wide x 17" tall.
  • If an organization would like to provide or create their own signs, approval will be needed six business days in advance of the event by their event coordinator.
  • Use of the wayfinding sign stands is prohibited without the approval of HSC Staff. All unauthorized signs will be removed immediately.
  • Posting of non-wayfinding signage is restricted to pre-approved areas only, including "The Post" and designated bulletin boards. Posting on doors, walls, and windows is prohibited. Repeat offenders may be subject to loss of posting privileges. See the Dean of Student’s Poster and Chalk policy for additional information.

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