Day Two and Beyond

After your first day, you’ll settle into your new role. Be sure to get your OneCard and parking permit, if you weren’t able to on your first day. Take some time to review the following tools and resources that will support you during your time at NIU, enhance your productivity and help you feel at home on campus.

In pursuing our vision and fulfilling our mission, we value and practice:

  • Curiosity and creativity.
    • We provide our students active learning experiences.
    • We champion innovation.
    • We commit our resources to supporting students, faculty and staff in their research, artistry and professional development.
  • Equity and inclusion.
    • We seek and are strengthened by the diverse perspectives and experiences of our university community members.
    • We use an inclusive decision-making process.
    • We appreciate and respect every member of our community.
  • Ethics and integrity.
    • We prepare our students to become global leaders who work to build a better society.
    • We model ethical behavior in and out of the classroom.
    • We are transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.
  • Service and stewardship.
    • We serve society and confront local, national and global challenges through collaborations that improve our learning, teaching and research.
    • We make accessible the knowledge and resources we create.
    • We promote our students' success through advising and mentoring.


Institutional Communications offers free, professional headshots to all faculty and staff at NIU Career Fairs five times annually. Upcoming photobooth events are posted on the Photography and Videography site, no appointment is necessary for headshots.

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