Student Health Insurance

Open Enrollment/Waiver for Fall 2023 will open in July.

2022-23 School Year

The NIU student health insurance plan is through Aetna and is a PPO. Learn more about details regarding the 2022-2023 NIU Aetna Student Health plan (PDF).

The NIU student health insurance plan is through Aetna and is a PPO.

Benefits 2022-23 School Year
Semester cost $1,329.50
Fall effective dates Aug. 1, 2022 - Dec. 31, 2022
Spring/summer effective dates Jan. 1, 2023 - July 31, 2023
Annual deductible $500 (in-network)
Doctor's office copay $10 (annual deductible does not apply)
Co-insurance 70/30
Dependent coverage $1,329.50 (one child) $2,629 (two or more children)
Pharmacy Benefits
Generic $20
Brand $50-$75
Specialty Copayment is the greater of $100 or 20% (of the negotiated charge) but will be no more than $200 per supply.
Most birth control 100% coverage

If you have any questions, please contact us at 815-753-0122, or visit our office in the Health Services Building, room 206.

Get health information anytime, call 1-800-556-1555. Learn more about Aetna's Informed Health® Line.

Dental, Vision Insurance for NIU Students and 
Short-term Insurance for Non-Students

NIU has collaborated with Benefit Partners Group to provide dental, vision, and telehealth coverage to NIU students. They also offer short-term coverage if you are no longer an NIU student. Learn more about coverage options. NIU does not receive any remuneration nor does it guarantee the plan and/or program.


What are premiums, deductibles, coinsurance and copays?

Contact Us

Student Health Insurance Office
Health Services Building, room 206
Phone: 815-753-0122
Fax: 815-753-9599

8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Aetna's Informed Health® Line1-800-556-1555

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