Visualization and Geoscience Education Research Lab

The visualization and geoscience education research (VGER) lab, managed by Nicole LaDue, is located in 302 Davis Hall.

The laboratory has a dedicated interview room and conference meeting space. The laboratory computer (Dell Precision M6700 mobile workstation) runs a Tobii X2-60 eye-tracker that may be used in the laboratory or with a mobile device or tablet. An Olympus WS-821 digital voice recorder and Hero 5 GoPro are available for data collection. Software on the laboratory computer includes SPSS, ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator and NVivo.

Researchers in the lab regularly collaborate with colleagues from NIU's biology and psychology departments, as well as those from external institutions.

Please contact Nicole LaDue for more information about utilizing lab resources.

Contact Us

Department of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment
Davis Hall, Room 312

815-753-1943 (undergraduate)
815-753-0631 (graduate)

815-753-1945 (fax)

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