Email and Messaging

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NIU’s Division of Information Technology (DoIT) provides email, calendaring, and messaging software to current students, alumni, faculty, staff, retirees and affiliates.

Individual Email Encryption is Migrating from Virtru to native O365 Encryption

Email: Office 365

Students, faculty and staff have an Office 365 account that includes email. Features include:

  • Email accessible with an Outlook client, Outlook on the web, and via Outlook on Android and Outlook on iOS devices;
  • Calendars for individuals and resources that can be shared with and moderated by others;
  • Microsoft Office applications for both work and personal use that include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more;
  • OneDrive for Business provides individual cloud storage that can be shared with others and edited with Microsoft Office online;
  • Spam protection through Exchange Online Protection and individual spam filters; and
  • Skype for Business for online audio and video chats with individuals or groups.

NIU and Microsoft have signed a Business Associate Agreement that ensures Office365 and its features, including OneDrive, are safe for NIU's sensitive data, including HIPAA-regulated personal health information, student information regulated by FERPA, and credit-card information that must comply with Payment Card Industry requirements.


  • For the time being, employee accounts remain accessible for 210 days after leaving the University.
  • Retiree accounts (ex. R1234567) may be requested once a retirement date has been specified. Retirees must join the Annuitants Association to receive access to Microsoft Office 365 email and calendaring. 


  • Members of the NIU Alumni Association may get Office 365 email and calendaring through NIU.

Email Alias

NIU email addresses have an email alias that is generally composed of first initials, some or all of last names, and sometimes a number at the end. This email alias can be changed and updated, but then it cannot be reused or recovered by anyone (including yourself) for one year. If you change your alias, all incoming emails to your old alias will not be delivered and are not recoverable by any means.

Mailing Lists

NIU email users should create their own distribution lists using Microsoft O365 Groups or Teams.

Mass Emails

Often, submitting news and calendar events are a better way to communicate with the entire campus.

If you must email more than 100 recipients outside of your own division, you must request a mass email to a specific group from NIU's Division of Marketing and Communications. You may email more than 100 recipients in your own Division provided you follow the requirements outlined in the Mass Electronic Communications Authorization and Distribution Procedures.

Mass Notification (Text)

NIU's Department of Police and Public Safety uses Everbridge's Mass Notification product to send emergency text messages to all NIU faculty, staff and students who have registered.