Externally Sponsored DEI Scholarly and Service Activities

Academic Affairs

The Graduate School

Bradley Bond, Principal Investigator
Funding Agency - Illinois Board of Higher Education
Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois (DFI) FY2021 - This project allows NIU to administer grants awarded by the DFI Program Board to fellows at NIU under the DFI program.

College of Education

Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment

Pi-Sui Hsu, Principal Investigator
Funding Agency - Rockford School District # 205
Scientific Argumentation in Transportable Invention Space (SAITIS) 3.0 Rockford School District - Equity pedagogy on non-dominant middle school youths' attitudes toward science: This program is based on an established and ongoing partnership with the Rockford School District that serve diverse ethnic student populations. During the last few years, the PI has collaborated with the Rockford School District on carrying out a number of grant projects that aimed to explore the influence of equity pedagogy on non-dominant middle school youths' attitudes toward science in after-school programs that incorporate Making activities and scientific argumentation.

Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education

Jenn Jacobs and Zach Wahl-Alexander, Principal Investigators
Funding Agency - Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice
Fitness Leadership Experience (FLEX) - A Fitness Leadership EXperience for incarcerated youth--Project FLEX - The purpose of this research site is to engage incarcerated youth in a life skills program that uses physical activity to instill positive developmental qualities such as leadership, resiliency and responsibility. A secondary aim of the program is to expose youth to college and career opportunities upon release. Nearly all youth are from marginalized / at-risk backgrounds. Programs within the facility are led by NIU graduate students from underrepresented classes.

College of Health and Human Sciences

School of Interdisciplinary Health Professions

Melani Duffrin, Principal Investigator
Funding Agency - National Institute of General Medical Sciences/NIH/DHHS
The FoodMASTER Initiative: Supporting the STEM learning pipeline for underserved, minority youth through informal science learning environments - This project investigates the impact of the FoodMASTER (Food, Math, and Science Teaching Enhancement Resource) Initiative on attitudes towards science among underserved minority youth in southern states to impact the health professions STEM pipeline.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department of Chemistry

Ralph Wheeler: Principal Investigator
Funding Agency - National Science Foundation/NSF
Scholarships and Enhanced Mentoring to Support Graduation of Students in Science and Mathematics - This project implements evidence-based practices for the effective recruitment, retention, and creation of the best educational experience for S-STEM scholarship recipients, culminating in graduation and successful career placement.

Department of History

Christina Abreu, Principal Investigator
Funding Agency - University of Nebraska
Crisis and Culture of Fear among Latino Communities in the Midwest - This project will develop a framework for understanding the construction of fear among Latino/a/x communities in the Midwest.

Department of Psychology

Elizabeth Shelleby, Principal Investigator
Funding Agency - NIMH Exploratory
Mitigating Risk from Macroeconomic Stress on Child Mental Health: Exploring Protective Effects of Universal Preventive Intervention - The proposed research also offers a unique opportunity to study the influence of socioeconomic conditions and the variation within a sample of families of color living in a small set of neighborhoods in a large urban center. We refer to areas served by the 10 schools in the ParentCorps RCT as historically disinvested neighborhoods to recognize the structural barriers of systemic racism that have contributed to a high concentration of families having low incomes. The sample of children for the proposed analyses is primarily Black (85%) and low-income (~61%), as is typical in large urban school districts in the US, reflecting historic and enduring residential segregation. It is important to focus research efforts among this group given that children who grow up in historically disinvested environments often experience a host of stressors which put them at risk for lower school readiness, underachievement, and mental health problems (Blair & Raver, 2015; Magnuson, Meyers, Ruhm, & Waldfogel, 2004). In addition, although large nationally representative data sets have offered opportunities to explore effects of macroeconomic stress on child mental health, the numbers of Black youth in such studies can be relatively small, as African Americans only represent approximately 13% of the US population (US Census, 2010). As such, the current research offers the opportunity to include a larger sample of racial/ethnic minority children and can help us better understand disparities in health outcomes.

Departments of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and ACCESS

Heather Bergan-Roller (BIOS), Mike Eads (PHYS), Nicole James (CHEM), KJ Johnson (ACCESS), Principal Investigators
Funding Agency - National Science Foundation
Leveraging Learning Assistants to Impact Student Success and Experience with Active Learning in Large Introductory Science Courses (LATTICE) - Learning Assistants have been shown to improve student success with disproportionate positive effects on minoritized students. This project proposes to (a) develop a (LA) Office at NIU, (b) implement LAs and in introductory biology, chemistry, and physics, and (c) assess the effect of LAs on-student outcomes including equity gaps. Currently under review with NSF.

College of Visual and Performing Arts

School of Art and Design

Sinclair Bell, Principal Investigator
Funding Agency - National Endowment for the Humanities
Research the visual and material evidence of race and ethnicity in the Roman Empire (c. 100 BCE-200 CE) - The project investigates how Roman artists represented the peoples whom they referred to as Aethiopians (i.e., “black” Africans) through visual representations and material culture, and explore issues related to the social functions, patronage, and viewership of these works.

Division of Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development

Office of Precollegiate Programs

Felicia Bohanon, Principal Investigator
Funding Agency - Office of Postsecondary Education/Department of Education
Upward Bound Program - Selects and serves 120 low-income, potential first-generation college students who lack the adequate preparation to successfully pursue a postsecondary education and need academic support.

Center for P-20 Engagement

Susana A Das Neves, Principal Investigator
Funding Agency - Illinois State Board of Education
FY 21 Migrant Education - Regular Year - This program ensures that migrant children fully benefit from the same free public education provided to other children and to address the special educational needs of migrant children to better enable them to succeed academically.

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