Vision Statement

Preparing Society for a Century of Change

The Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships will advance the academic and research mission of the university while promoting a culture that exemplifies excellent service, transparency, collaboration and innovation. Further, we will bring our interdisciplinary resources to bear on complex challenges faced by society today, including the following:

Addressing Climate Change

Researchers in geology, meteorology and environmental studies are among the NIU experts studying such topics as Antarctic ice retreat, shifting climate patterns and climate-change adaptation strategies. Their work will inform our region, our world and generations to come.

Advancing Technology

NIU scientists are developing classroom technologies, creating new materials, building new lasers and accelerators, finding novel ways to use advanced computing, engineering cutting-edge machines and exploring the fundamental building blocks of nature. On numerous fronts, we are advancing the technologies that will shape our world.

Preparing for Shifting Demographics

Changes in migration patterns, increasing ethnic diversity and the aging of baby boomers and millennials will have broad impacts on our society, impacting everything from our labor force to community planning. NIU researchers will work to anticipate and prepare for the future.

Interpreting the World Around Us

Our world is evolving so rapidly that it's often difficult to keep up. Ever-changing technology. The information overload. New ethical dilemmas. NIU faculty will help interpret our world, from probing the psychological, ethical and sociological impacts of new technology, to exploring the state of our humanity through art, history, literature, language, poetry and politics.

$23M Center for Sustainability

The planned $23 million Northern Illinois Center for Community Sustainability (NICCS) provides a key example of how NIU intends to apply its interdisciplinary expertise to the pressing challenges of our times. As an active member of the state's new Illinois Innovation Network, NICCS will be built on NIU's west campus and target research on food systems, water resources and environmental change.

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