Student Resources

Joining an honor society or student organization is a great way to enrich your experience of studying a foreign language. You'll benefit from connecting with others while practicing your language skills.

Honor Societies

If you're majoring or minoring in a foreign language or linguistics, you can join the NIU Delta Chapter of Phi Sigma Iota. As a member of the international foreign language honor society, you'll network with classmates and foreign language professionals. You'll also help organize and participate in language-related activities.

Spanish majors can join Sigma Delta Pi, a national collegiate Hispanic honor society. As a member of the NIU Beta Upsilon Chapter, you'll build relationships with fellow students and Spanish language experts. You'll also engage in Spanish language activities that will deepen your understanding of the language and culture.

To apply for membership, contact the chapter faculty advisors:

If you have participated in a study abroad program, have received an international fellowship, or if you are an international student, you can join Phi Beta Delta, an international honor society. You’ll connect with other students, faculty, and staff on campus who are also involved in international programs and help to raise awareness of the value and importance of international and cross-cultural experiences in higher education.

To apply for membership, contact:

Student Organizations

Our student organizations allow you to meet other students, learn leadership skills and develop your language abilities.