Foreign Language Residence Program

By joining the Foreign Language Residence Program (FLRP), you'll experience immersion in world languages, increase your fluency and earn one credit hour per semester. You'll enjoy interacting with native speakers of Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish at dinners, weekly language nights and cultural events. You also may be eligible to apply for the FLRP Study Abroad Fund.

The FLRP community lives in New Hall, though it's not necessary to live there in order to participate. Join us to improve your language skills and become a more competitive job candidate while building lifelong friendships.

Cultural Events

Twice a year, we travel to Oregon, Illinois, for a language retreat at NIU's scenic Lorado Taft field campus. You'll benefit from leadership training, exposure to possible research topics, cultural investigation and more.

Each year, we have an international dinner where the language groups perform skits, songs and other entertainment for parents, faculty and staff. You'll also go on two or three field trips each semester to learn about different cultures.

After being part of FLRP for a year, you'll be able to go on our end-of-the-year trip to Chongqing, China. All expenses are paid except for the flight. You'll be immersed in Mandarin Chinese and the Chinese culture and go on several memorable excursions.

Current Native Speakers

I'm from Japan and I speak Japanese. I came to the U.S. three years ago. I like to share my language and culture, and I enjoy finding new perspectives of my language from my students.
I was born in the US, and my parents are from Taiwan. I've spoken Chinese ever since I was little. As a child, I've always been really interested in my heritage culture and kept my Chinese relatively fluent until now. Joining FLRP not only allows me to help my classmates understand Chinese more, but also helps me continue to practice my own, as well. I really enjoy sharing what I know about Chinese, and I've learned more of how to teach another person the language as well. This program really helped me learn about how to be a leader and this will really help me in the future. I'm really grateful to have the chance to be a part of this program.
I am from Burkina Faso. I speak four languages: French, English, Dioula and Moore. I enjoy meeting and interacting with people. FLRP is a learning hub in a relaxed environment, where students can practice their language skills while having fun and learning fascinating things about different cultures of the world.
I'm from León, Mexico, and I came to the United States when I was 19 years old. I really enjoy what I do in FLRP, and being creative has motivated me to do more and give the best of me. I also love meeting new people because it gives me a chance to learn about their backgrounds.


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