Foreign Language Residence Program

For 50 years, the Foreign Language Residence Program (FLRP) has helped students immerse themselves in world languages and culture, increasing their fluency and preparing them to study abroad while earning one credit hour per semester.

You'll enjoy interacting with native speakers of French, Japanese, Spanish and Tagalog at dinners, weekly language nights and cultural events. Through these interactions, you’ll develop bonds with your fellow FLRPies and become part of our large family.

Join us to improve your language skills and become a more competitive job candidate while building lifelong friendships.

Cultural Events

Each year, we travel to Oregon, Illinois, for a language retreat at NIU's scenic Lorado Taft field campus. You'll benefit from leadership training, exposure to possible research topics, cultural investigation and more.

We also have an annual international dinner where the language groups perform skits, songs and other entertainment for parents, faculty and staff. You'll also go on two or three field trips each semester to learn about different cultures.

Current Native Speakers

Isiah Bryant A. Camarao, a sophomore majoring in biological sciences, has a diverse and global background. Born in the Philippines, he pursued his secondary education in Qatar, graduating from the Philippine School Doha Qatar.

Bryant's interests extend beyond academics, as he has a passion for learning foreign languages, including Spanish, Korean, French, Arabic and various dialects from the Philippines. In addition to his linguistic pursuits, he has a wide range of interests, including music, movies, TV shows, anime (to some extent), K-pop, K-drama, sports, arts, science, research and socializing with people.

He eagerly anticipates an exciting and adventurous future, where his proficiency in foreign languages will undoubtedly play a significant role.

Miriam Salvador is currently pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship at NIU. A lifelong resident of Illinois, her roots trace back to Hidalgo, Mexico, where her parents hail from, a place she had the privilege of visiting on two occasions.

In her leisure time, she finds solace in nature, often embarking on runs to appreciate the great outdoors.

Thalila Sisou, an anthropology major, currently holds the role of assistant to the coordinator of FLRP (Foreign Language Residence Program). In the previous year, she was an active member of FLRP, contributing as part of the Tagalog table. Thalila is also recognized as a FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) fellow and has earned the prestigious title of Fulbright-Hays scholar, following an immersive journey to the Philippines.

Enthusiastic about her ongoing educational journey, she is eager to continue her quest for knowledge and personal development. Thalila is excited about her role in assisting FLRP participants in making the upcoming year both an enjoyable and productive experience in a close-knit, family-like environment.

Yaye Gueye is from Senegal, but she was born in New York. Life has taken her all over the world, which has shaped her greatly as an individual. Yaye speaks French and Wolof. Even though she was born in NY, she returned to Senegal about two months later to learn about her culture, to be with family and to go to school. She enjoys cooking, something she shares with her mom. After earning her Secondary School diploma she went to Paris for high school. She traveled back to the U.S. to continue her studies in Finance and plans to stay here.

Sho Takami is currently pursuing a double major in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics. Born in Kawasaki, Japan, he managed to complete up to the second grade of elementary school before suddenly having to depart due to the March 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. He still has family back in his home country, including his father and paternal grandparents, though he only communicates with his father from time to time.

Prior to serving as a native speaker, Takami has taken on leadership roles and club positions within NIU, including the NIU Math Club as its treasurer, Actuarial Club as its secretary, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Council (CLAS SAC) as its secretary. By joining FLRP as a native speaker, he hopes to not only improve his leadership skills by learning how to supervise and guide a team of individuals through firsthand experience but also revitalize his passion for his home country through teaching its language and culture in this program.

Support Our Program

Ongoing financial support funds central components that have become hallmarks of FLRP:

  • Scholarships
  • Special events
  • Native speakers
  • Weekday dinners
  • Cultural excursions
  • Study abroad

"This is the best language program NIU has to offer. If you truly want to improve your conversation skills in one (or more) of the offered languages, this is the best way to do it. FLRP is also a great way to learn about world cultures, whether that be from going on field trips, from talking to the native speakers who come from another country, or from talking to other students about their travel experiences."by Emily Williams

"I joined FLRP because I wanted to practice my Spanish. Throughout high school, I learned about how to formulate sentences in Spanish, but I never had the opportunity to speak it and become proficient in communicating. FLRP gave me the chance to do this. I loved the people, the daily activities, and the trips that deepened my interests in learning languages. If you're interested in applying the skills that you already have (or if you're interested in learning a language for the first time), FLRP is the right place for you."by Devonte Fuller

"I started FLRP for the practice, I study French and without it, I wouldn’t have another place to practice my language. We do activities, discussions, games, sometimes we even sing to make the language starting to flow. But it isn’t all is about the language; I would choose it again for the friends I have made thanks to it. Transferring from another college I did not know anybody at NIU. Since we share a lot of time in this course, it was easier to make friendships that I know will last."by Carlos Avina Soto

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