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World Languages and Cultures
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Studying another language opens doors. It leads to exciting career opportunities and a better understanding of other people and cultures. Our undergraduate and graduate programs will prepare you for a dynamic career in the global economy, in areas like translation, business, tourism, service industries, banking and education.

Our distinguished faculty members are experts in the theory and practice of linguistics, literature, and translation. In their classes, you'll have opportunities to work closely with them on research projects or you can join one of their study abroad programs.

Explore the many languages we offer and see the worlds we can open for you. You can also view our upcoming course offerings.

In The News

Our American Sign Language instructional faculty member, Taylor Hartman, was recognized with the prestigious 2023 Excellence in Undergraduate Instruction Award. Taylor is an adamant advocate for promoting deaf culture in the classroom and beyond, and his enthusiasm for teaching has inspired a myriad of students. Taylor’s classes are educationally enriching and always crafted to be student-centered and engaging. Congratulations, Taylor!

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