What Amount Should I Pay?

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    After logging in to the MyNIU Student System, click on the Financial Account tile.

    financial account tile

    account balance left nav

  • 2

    Upon clicking Account Balance, you will see a screen similar to below, including pending financial aid:

    account balance detail

  • 3

    Upon clicking Charges Due, you will see a screen similar to below:

    charges due summary


    From the Charges Due tab, to determine out how much you should pay, subtract your total pending aid for the semester from the charges.

    For the example shown:
         Total charges: $7,701.15
         Total pending aid: $2,227.00 + $990.00 = $3,217.00
         Total due: $4,484.15 on or before 10/29/18

    Note: Pending financial aid is reflected on a bill prior to the start of a semester and is based on assumed enrollment. Generally, aid is based on a fulltime enrollment unless the student has requested a part-time award or has a history of attending part time. Financial aid is adjusted to match actual enrollment prior to the start of a semester and when enrollment is official at the end of add/drop each semester. Prior to a semester, students may contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office to request a part-time award.

  • 4

    To see detail of your charges, click on Detail of Charges Due.

    charges due detail

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