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The Office of the Bursar collaborates with NIU departments to collect bank deposits, create invoices and maintain accounts.

Deposits in Cashiering Office

The Cashiering Office, within the Office of the Bursar, provides bank deposit support for NIU departments. All departments must adhere to the following policies when making a deposit:

  • Departments must complete/print the Departmental Deposit Form (XLSM) and bring it with the deposit to the Cashiering Office. It is required that a department representative be present before the funds will be counted by a cashier.
  • Deposits should be made no later than five business days after the receipt of the funds, or when the amount equals $500, whichever comes first.
  • The associate bursar or bursar will be made aware of any department that has delivered an untimely deposit and/or stale check(s). The department will be notified and any repeat violation will result in the contact of the department management as well as the university's internal auditor.
  • The cashiers recommend calling ahead, 815-753-0535, or depositing funds before 2:30 p.m. for any large deposit amount. This helps ensure a prompt deposit to the department's account.
  • Untimely Deposit Form (PDF): Complete this form with any deposits that are identified as "untimely" as previously indicated.

For a complete guide on department deposits, view the Bursar's Office Policies in NIU's Business Procedure Manual.

Commercial Receivables

The Commercial Accounts Receivables Office, within the Office of the Bursar, collaborates with NIU departments to bill outside clients for non-student related charges such as (but not limited to) room charges, catering charges or services rendered. Each department is assigned a unique three-letter "bill type" to distinguish itself on the invoices. If you are unsure of your department’s three-letter bill type, or the setup of the cost center, contact the Commercial Receivables Office.

Phone: 815-753-0471

  • Customer account numbers for outside clients can be requested by e-mailing a Request to Add/Update Customer Record (XLS). All request forms must be filled in completely and include a telephone number and an SSN, TIN or FEIN for the customer. A SSN, TIN or FEIN is necessary for state and federal reporting purposes.
  • Invoices are created, usually within a week, after receipt from the department of a Request to Generate a Customer Invoice (XLS). The invoice will contain information referencing the services or items purchased and their related cost. An invoice copy, called a "proforma," will be sent to the billing department to maintain a record of your billings. The department has the option of having Commercial Receivables mail out all of its invoices or having all the invoices returned to the department.
  • Statements are mailed out the last day of each month. The statements will show any new transactions during the month and provide the current balance due on the account.

View the complete Accounts Receivable Policies in NIU's Business Procedure Manual.

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