Third-Party Contracts

The Student Receivables Office, within the Office of the Bursar, processes all third-party contracts. Sponsors participating in our third-party billing program consist of employers, public agencies, or any other entity that agrees to assume financial responsibility for all or a portion of a student's educational costs. The sponsor must agree to make payment regardless of the student's performance/completion of courses. Additionally, the sponsor must require that a detailed invoice be sent directly to them before payment can be processed.

Each sponsor must send NIU a letter, list, voucher, letter of credit (LOC), or other form of verification of support before being accepted in the program. The verification document should include:

  • Student's name and identification number
  • Semester/term being covered
  • Specific charges covered (e.g., tuition, fees, books, and housing)
  • Any minimum/maximum amount, OR a flat dollar rate per credit hour
  • Name of sponsor and contact information
  • Signed and dated by an authorized official

Verification should be received prior to the start of each semester. Preferred method would be by email to It can be mailed to the Office of the Bursar or faxed to 815-753-0491. A personal letter from the student is NOT acceptable as proof of sponsorship. However, a copy of a letter to the student from their sponsor will be considered as proper verification.

Once NIU receives notification of a sponsor's intent to pay on behalf of a student, a third party contract payment is placed on the student's account. Late payment fees will accrue if there are other charges outstanding.

STUDENTS: If you have a voucher or letter, or if you have any questions regarding our third party billing process with your sponsor, please contact our office at or call our office at 815-753-9197.

Common Sponsors Include

  • Amazon Career Choice
  • College Illinois! Prepaid Tuition (529 Plan)
  • Dept. of Human Services (DHS/DRS)
  • Florida Prepaid College Plan
  • Hope Chicago
  • Institute of International Education (IIE)
  • McDonald's (Bright Horizons)
  • Northwestern Medicine (Bright Horizons)
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM)
  • Upward Mobility Program
  • WIOA

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