Payment Policy

Payment of all charges on the student’s account is due by the established due date for each term. Through this account, students can pay the full account balance at this time or an amount less than the full amount.

Late Payment Fee: Students who pay less than the total amount due by the respective due date will be assessed a monthly late payment fee of 1.08% on the remaining unpaid portion, with a minimum late fee charge of $0.50.

Returned Payment Charge: Payments unpaid by your financial institution may be subject to a returned payment charge of $25.

NIU does not cancel registrations for non-payment. Any student with a past due balance remaining, in addition to the assessment of late payment fees, will have a financial hold placed on their records. This hold may prohibit the student from registering for future term classes until the account balance is paid in full or reduced below the university's established threshold of $1,500.

To ensure a timely registration for the next term, students should pay their accounts in full or reduced down to the university's established threshold by:

  • October for fall term charges, and
  • March for spring term charges.

Financial Responsibility: By registering for courses at Northern Illinois University the student is accepting financial responsibility for the costs of and related to the student's registration at the university including choosing to reside in the university's residence halls, selecting a meal plan, or other university services. In the event a student's account is past due, late payment fees will be applied to the past-due amounts. Continued failure to pay a past due debt may result in the debt being listed with the State Comptroller's Offset Program and, if necessary, referred to a collection agency and/or authorize legal action for the collection of this debt. The student is then responsible for all fees and costs incurred by the University in the collection of the past due debt, including collection fees and/or attorney's fees.

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