Making an Online Payment

For international students, please make payments via Flywire.

  • 1

    After logging in to the MyNIU Student System, click on the Financial Account tile.

    financial account tile

  • 2

    From the left navigation, click Make a Payment.

    make payment left navigation

  • 3

    Select a payment method. Click Confirm to continue.

    select payment method

    Payment Options

    Credit card – Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard payments will be accepted and currently no convenience fee will be charged for this service. To make a payment by credit card you will need the card number, card verification number (CVN), expiration date, and the card holder name as it appears on the card.

    eCheck – checking or savings accounts. No convenience fee is added for eCheck transactions. To make a payment by eCheck you will need the name and address on the account, checking account number and the routing number.

  • 4

    Specify payment amount. To pay a specific amount, enter the amount in the Payment Amount box. To pay all charges, if the amount is not shown in the Payment Amount box, then click Actions and select Pay All Charges. Click Confirm to continue.

    specify payment amount

  • 5

    Confirm your payment amount. Click Confirm to continue.

    confirm payment amount

  • 6

    Enter your billing information. Enter your payment details. Click Continue

    confirm billing info

    Example payment by eCheck:

    enter payment detail bank 

    Example payment by credit card:

    enter payment detail cc

  • 7

    Confirm your payment summary. Click Submit to continue.

    submit payment

  • 8

    The Payment Result page will show your Payment Confirmation Details. Click Exit once you have finished making a payment.

    payment result

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