At NIU, learning comes to life. You're more than a student. We'll give you opportunities to take your education beyond the classroom to wherever your passions lie. Learn how we’ll prepare you to enter the workforce with more than a degree.

Students in the lab

Be an Explorer

Join one of your professors on research projects in our state-of-the-art labs or in the field, and gain experience that makes you workplace-ready. You can get started your first year, and some programs even pay you for your work. 

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Students in the lab
Dance Rehearsal
Dance Rehearsal

Get Creative

You don’t have to be an art major to take our Creative Path, a one-year set of arts-themed courses that connects your passion for the arts to your studies. You'll express yourself while building collaboration and communication skills — a plus in any field.

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Student Volunteers

Be a Change-maker

Want to make a difference? We’re committed to social justice, equity and inclusion. You’re sure to find your community here, and with a variety of volunteer opportunities to choose from, you can make a big impact on the campus community and your future.

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Student Volunteers
Library Tutoring
Library Tutoring

Get Ahead

Whether you already have a job or want to gain the additional skills you need to secure your dream job, join our JobsPLUS network. This program will allow you to learn, earn and grow your access to employment opportunities.

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Get Noticed, Get Hired

The real-world experiences and skills you gain will stand out to employers and graduate schools. Meet some of the successful alumni who have taken advantage of our engaged learning opportunities:

I Younan An

I Younan An,
Heinz fellow, University of Pittsburgh.
Past research showcase winner.

Rachel Jacob

Rachel Jacob,
Law clerk, U.S. Marine Corps.
Former Student Association president.

Christine Wang

Christine Wang,
Law student.
Former McKearn fellow and speaker of Student Association Senate.

Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts,
Health systems engineer, MITRE.
Participant in Research Rookies and Summer Research Opportunities Program.


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