Time Management Inventory

Do you find yourself spending too much time on distractions and not enough time on classwork? Do you ever stay up too late to cram before an exam or a due date? Do you find yourself stressed and struggling with managing your time, getting assignments done, and living a balanced life? When you are taking remote classes, do you find that your assignments tend to pile up right before a deadline? If so, you are one of many college students who struggle with time. Fortunately, there are many resources available on time management to help you create a schedule, build healthy habits, get work done, and live a balanced life.

This resource will help you evaluate your time management habits and patterns. Please be as honest as possible when filling it out, as its purpose is for you to identify areas for growth. Once you have completed this inventory, you will have a better idea of your time management weaknesses and barriers and can then create an effective time management plan.

Yes No Sometimes
I find myself completing tasks at the last minute.
I am often stressed about deadlines and commitments.
Distractions often keep me from working on critical tasks.
I estimate how many hours I will need to study each week.
The tasks I work on during the day are the ones with highest priority.
I consistently meet assignment deadlines.
I set aside time for planning and scheduling.
I begin working on semester-long projects early in the semester.
I know how much time I am spending on the various tasks I do.
I write a daily “to do” list.
I prioritize my “to do” list.
I am often stressed about deadlines and commitments.
I use goal setting to decide what tasks and activities I should work on.
I make sure social activities don’t interfere with my study/work time.
I leave contingency time in my schedule for the unexpected.
I know if the tasks I am working on are high, medium, or low value.
I set specific goals for each study period.
I begin my study time with my most difficult assignment.
I think about the future and setting long term goals.
I procrastinate because I think I do better work under pressure.
I grab spare bits of time in order to chip away at relatively complex tasks.
I share my plans and goals with others to increase accountability.
I find myself finishing tasks at the last minute or asking for extensions.
I set time aside every week for planning and scheduling.
Distractions often keep me from working on critical tasks.
I complete most of my studying during my most productive hours each day.
I think of being a full-time student as I would a full-time job.

Developed and shared by The Learning Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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