Report Lost/Stolen OneCard ID

If your NIU OneCard ID is lost or stolen, it should be suspended immediately to prevent any possible misuse. A OneCard ID may be suspended by the following methods:

To re-instate a suspended OneCard ID, please email OneCard ID Services at, or you may do so online. A OneCard ID cannot be reactivated over the phone for security purposes. There is no charge to reinstate a recovered OneCard ID, but there is a $20 charge to replace a lost/stolen card.

More Information

Students living in the residence halls use their OneCard ID for meal plans as well as for door access.

If you lose your OneCard ID, there are two temporary cards available from Housing and Residential Services to function in your OneCard's absence.

Meal Plan Temporary Cards

Meal plan temporary cards are issued at the residence hall dining offices so you can access your meal plan or Huskie Bucks short-term. When assigned, this temporary card suspends your lost OneCard ID so that it cannot be misused. There is not a fee to use the meal plan temporary card, but it must be returned before a recovered OneCard ID can be re-instated or a new one is purchased.

There is a $20 fee if this temporary card is not returned to the residence hall dining office or OneCard ID Services.

Door Access Temporary Cards

Door access temporary cards are issued at the front desk of your residence hall in order to access your room, elevators or the exterior of your building after-hours. Please refer to Housing and Residential Services for cost and usage details.

If you are not living in one of the NIU residence halls, you are unable to get a temporary card. However, OneCard ID Services regularly has IDs returned to our office. Be sure to check your Z-ID email account regularly as we send a message if a OneCard ID is returned to our office.

We can also check over the phone or in person if you stop by during office hours. So don't hesitate to contact us.

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OneCard ID Services
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Phone: 815-753-9569

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