Diversity Resources and Programs

Efforts to Increase Enrollment, Retention, and/or Graduation Rates of a Diverse Student Body

  1. Departmental Initaitives 
    1. Office of Admissions 
      1. Outreach
      2. Direct-mail campaigns
      3. Student searches
      4. Intra-university
        1. Minority Reception
        2. ACCESS
        3. CHANCE
        4. Student Support Services
        5. Office of Precollegiate Programs
      5. Professional organization participation
      6. Scholarships
      7. Publications
    2. Orientation
    3. First-and Second-Year Experience
    4. Disability Resource Center
    5. Off-Campus and Non-Traditional Student Servies
    6. Campus Child Care
    7. Counseling and Student Development Center
  2. Scholarships
    1. Oscar Matasar History Scholarship
    2. James R. Shirley Award in Asian History
    3. Jeannie Armstrong Hainds, Department of History
    4. Carter-Rodriguez Scholarship for Women in Engineering, CEET
    5. Leadership Tuition Program for Women and Minorities, CEET
    6. Dean's Diversity Scholarship for Freshmen and Transfers, CEET
    7. Inez H. Nelson Family Scholarship in International Relations, Political Science
    8. Rhoten A. Smith Assistantship Program, Graduate Recruitment School
    9. Joseph Harry Endowed Scholarship, LGBT
    10. Mothers Memorial Scholarship
    11. Austin Sawicki Memorial Scholarship
  3. Peer and Mentor Programs
    1. Black Male Initiative
    2. "Success and Succeed Program" (S-Plan), Center for Black Studies
    3. COMRAD, School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders
    4. "Ohana!" Peer Mentor Program, Asisan American Center
    5. De Mujer a Mujer, a Latina Assistance Program
    6. M.Á.S F.R.E.S.H.
    7. Supporting Opportunities for Latinos (S.O.L.), Latino Assistance Program

Efforts to Increase Employment and Retention of Diverse Faculty and Staff

  1. Center for Diversity Resources/Affirmative Action and Diversity Resources (AADR)
    1. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Search Procedures
      1. Maintain university EEO policies/procedures reflecting the institution's commitment not to make any employment, academic, or institutional decisions based on race, color, national origin, sex, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or any other factor unrelated to professional qualifications.
      2. Promote diverse Search Committee membership
      3. Provide Search Committee training
      4. Utilize publications for job postings and access diverse populations
      5. Encourage qualified diverse candidate pools
      6. Monitor all hiring decisions for EEO standards
      7. Correlate employment opportunities with diversity recruitment and retention
    2. Non-Discrimination/Harassment Policies and Procedures [PDF]
      1. Conduct mandatory Non-Discrimination/Harassment Training for all NIU employees;
      2. Administer comprehensive Affirmative Action Complaint and Investigation Procedures;
      3. Sponsor alternative dispute resolution options including counseling and mediation;
      4. Develop and implement policies and procedures related to employment law and affirmative action principles;
      5. Administer Voluntary Disclosure of Disability and requests for accommodations.
    3. Campus Involvement and Outreach Efforts
      1. Maintain memberships on university committees and commissions devoted to a diverse institutional climate including membership on all Presidential Commissions and various campus committees.
      2. Participate in organizations focused upon equal employment and affirmative action principles on both the state and federal levels including IBHE initiatives, Affirmative Action affiliations and various state committees.
      3. Provide a video training series and diversity programming.
      4. Promote diversity awareness and information to students through the course University 101.
      5. Maintain an Affirmative Action Advisory Committee and, in collaboration with this committee, develop strategic programming that facilitates the diversity of NIU's workforce and educational environment.
      6. Maintain the Supplier Diversity Program consistent with the Minority, Female, and Persons with Disabilities Business Enterprise Program (MAFBEA) through Procurement Services. Provide resources for the campus community to engage and build upon the economic development of regional business enterprises.
      7. Coordination of diversity programming with all university training initiaves and additional programs offered through the Employee Assistance Program.
  2. Administration of University Affirmative Action Plan
    1. Conduct representation analysis
      1. Utilize software packages for representation analysis and monitor workforce representation and availability.
      2. Communicate underutilization trends and the status of workforce analysis to divisions, colleges, and departments and correlate such information with search procedures and position requests.
      3. Conduct annual assessments on progress and/or efforts to effectively address representation analysis, recruitment, and retention and provide feedback to applicable campus units on progress.
    2. Coordinate search procedures
      1. Coordinate search efforts impacting the recruitment of female and/or minority candidates.
    3. Engage Affirmative Action Representation in Plan Formation
      1. Maintain a set of designated Affirmative Action Representatives from each major college and divisional area and coordinate status of Affirmative Plan.
      2. Collaboration with AA Representatives regarding department needs and services.
      3. Conduct "train the trainer" sessions to facilitate access to policies, programs, and procedures.
      4. Communicate Affirmative Action Plan to employees, supervisors, and campus constituencies.

Programs and/or Activities Designed to Promote an Inclusive Level of Awareness and Appreciation of the University's Diverse Community

  1. Departmental Initiatives
    1. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
      1. Archeological, geological, and cultural research
      2. Lifelone Learning Institute
      3. Elderhostels
    2. LGBT Resource CenterLGBT Studies Program, and Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
    3. International House
    4. College of Law "public interest stipends"
    5. Unity in Diversity Steering Committee (UID): Diversity and Equity Speech, Essay, and Poster Contests
    6. Student Diversity and Equity Board
    7. Represent! Diversity Newsletter
    8. Anthropology Museum: collect, preserve, research, and exhibit artifacts of human cultures
    9. Center for Child Welfare and Education
    10. United Greek Council
  2. Programs and Events
    1. Rock Tha' Mic!
    2. American Notions Fine Art Series
    3. American Roundtable Series
    4. Bridge Builder Program: Multicultural Transformation Institute and student organizations
    5. Diversity and Equity Awards Gala
    6. Dialogue on Diversity, Race, and Conflict
    7. Dialogue on Diversity
  3. Presidential Commissions
    1. Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (PCSOGI)
    2. Presidential Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW)
    3. Presidential Commission on the Status of Minorities (PCSM)
    4. Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities (PCPD)
  4. Awards and Scholarships
    1. Deacon Davis Diversity Award (PCSM)
    2. Outstanding Student Women Awards (PCSW)
    3. Wilma Stricklin Award for Enhancing the Climate on Campus for Women (PCSW)
    4. Eychaner Award

Efforts to Increase Curricular Diversity, and Descriptions of Credit or Non-Credit Courses Related to Diversity

  1. Center for Burma Studies 
  2. Center for Black Studies
  3. Center for Latino and Latin American Studies
  4. Center for Southeast Asian Studies
  5. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Studies
  6. Women's Studies Program
  7. College of Business
    1. Global Business
    2. International Business Seminar
    3. Social Entrepreneurship, Management
    4. Professional Sales Program, Marketing
  8. College of Law, Clinical Experiences 
  9. College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, High School Teacher Programs
  10. Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
    1. Foreign Language Residence Program
    2. Language and Literature Emphasis
    3. Business and Translation Emphasis
  11. Department of Sociology 
  12. School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders, Students in Rehabilitation Services
  13. School of Music, World Music Program
    1. Latin Jazz Ensemble
    2. NIU Steel Band
    3. Central Javanese and Balinese Gamelans
    4. Eastern European Jewis klezmer folk music
    5. Jazz Ensemble
  14. Museum Studies, Certificate of Graduate Study
  15. University Libraries, Services for Persons with Disabilities

Diversity-Related Training Activities and Programming

  1. Committee on Multicultural Curriculum Transformation
  2. Conference for Young Women, Female High School Students
  3. College of EducationDepartment of Literacy Education
    1. Project Quality Instruction for Language Learners (QUILL)
    2. Project Success
    3. Project REAL
  4. Division of International Programs
  5. Illinois Board of Higher Education: Enhancing Success Web Site 
  6. Human Resources Education: Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Training Programs
    1. Dealing with Difficult Communications
    2. Sensitive Issues in the Workplace
    3. Topics Addressing Federal/State/Local Employment-Related Laws and Regulations
    4. Workforce Planning and Employment Module
  7. Procurement Services: Business Enterprise Program (administration of Illinois' Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities Business Enterprise Act – MAFBEA) encouraging procurement from business enterprises owned and operated by minorities, females, and persons with disabilities
  8. Adapted Physical Activity Research and Teaching Clinic
  9. Student Conference on United States (SCUSA), West Point
  10. Ally Program, LGBT
  11. Diversity and Equity Office: Diversity Training for Professional and Student Employees
    1. Enhancing Inclusive Campus Communities Series
    2. Training Programs for Staff in Housing and Dining
  12. Women's Resource Center: Inclusiveness and Activism
  13. Housing and Dining: Believing in Culture (BIC)

Activities Consistent with NCAA Guidelines that Improve Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics

  1. Athletics Compliance Office
  2. Huskies Life Skills (Challenging Athletes' Minds for Personal Success)
  3. Student-Athlete Academic Support Services (SAASS) 

Last Updated: 2/11/2014