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About Cascade Server

About Cascade Server


Cascade Server is a web content management system (Web CMS) developed by Hannon Hill. Northern Illinois University made the switch from WebCRMA in 2010 and is now rolling out new Cascade site templates using responsive web design (RWD).

Why use it?

  • It makes it easy to maintain consistency and university branding in adherence to the NIU Graphic Standards across all of the NIU sites
  • Users do not need tehchnical web knowledge to update and edit content on their sites
  • Individual sites are created with pre-existing templates, so users can focus on content and not have to worry about layout or design (users still have some layout freedom with the use of rows and columns, however)
  • The CMS will alert the user of any broken internal links or errors in assets
  • Anyone with permission to a site can make updates to it

How do I get started?

Submit web form to request a new site in Cascade or access to an existing site. We recommend browsing through the User Resources and Training Materials or setting up a 1-on-1 training session.