Tips for Success: Get a Planner!!

Utilizing a planner can help you map your path to success.

The Huskie Academic Success Center (HASC) recommends the use of a planner in conjunction with to-do lists and reminders to keep you on track and seeing the big picture.

It’s never too late to begin using this time management tool. HASC Academic Coaches are available to guide you through the initial steps and help you:

  • Visualize your week and set priorities between courses, work, and other activities

  • Creating realistic, timely, and specific goals for success

  • Maintain balance with a system that is built around your needs

Doing so can reduce stress by eliminating surprises and allowing you to plan for those extremely busy times. Having a planner will help you become more productive, better manage your time and prepare you for future success, so contact the Huskie Academic Success Center for help starting yours today!

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