Attendance Matters

When I look back at classes that I have struggled with, it’s because I didn’t make attending class a priority. Now that I go to class consistently, my grades have improved. Being in class I stay more engaged with the material, and I can ask questions right then if I need help.

Honor Morgan, political science major

Going to class matters!

Attendance Matters is an initiative designed to help our students understand the importance of attending class and connect students with academic resources. If we see a pattern developing, we will check on students who are missing too many classes - just to make sure things are going well.

What Huskies Say About Attending Class

Chyna Bennett

"I have benefited from attending classes regularly by making great connections with my classmates and my professors. By knowing my classmates, it has helped me to not feel alone when classes have become hard. By knowing my professors and having a relationship with them, it has allowed me to have several great opportunities that I could never have seen coming."

Emma Hazen

"The best way to understand your courses is to attend them regularly. A lot of us have tried to skip on classes, and we learn the hard way that attendance is vital to learning successfully. Regular attendance ensures that you don't miss important information on tests, homework and knowledge that isn't in a PowerPoint."

Emma Hazen,
Political science and nonprofit and NGO studies major
Harold Nii-Aponsah

"I could not have imagined finishing my master’s at NIU without regular class attendance and guidance from my professors. Going to class gives you the opportunity to ask questions while you’re thinking them, and to me that matters a lot."

NIU students explain the perks of attending class, from extra credit opportunities to getting what you paid for...these Huskies know their stuff.

It's okay to ask for help when you need it, but make it a priority to attend your classes. Get to know your professors and your classmates, build your community at NIU. You belong here.

Huskies are curious and creative, and Huskies never quit. Ask for help if you need it, everyone in the NIU community is here to help you earn your degree and succeed.

Why is Class Attendance Important?

  1. You retain more when you listen to your instructor; missing just one day could put you behind.
  2. Your teacher explains material better than you can learn it yourself.
  3. There's a direct correlation between going to class and doing well in it.
  4. Your attendance shows your professor the class is important to you.
  5. You are paying to be in class.
  6. If your grade is borderline, your teacher may give you extra points for good attendance.
  7. If you don't go to class, you might miss a pop quiz.
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