TipLine Confidential Online Reporting Form

Important: After reporting an incident, contact the Tip Line operator at 753-TIPS within 3 academic days using your Incident # as a reference to receive your Tip Line Code #.

Incident Details

Incident #:
If you have previously reported this incident, use the # already assigned. Otherwise, assign a temporary incident # consisting of today's date plus 3 random digits. Example: Today is March 15, 2010 and "123" are random digits - incident #: 031510123
Date of Incident:
Location of Incident:
Type of Incident:
Description of Incident/Event:

Suspect Information

Suspect Name (if known):
Suspect Address:
Description of Suspect (age, height, weight, hair/eye color, clothing, distinguishing marks):
If suspect had a weapon, please describe:
If suspect had a vehicle, please describe:
If additional suspects, please describe:
If you know of additional witnesses, please provide their names:

Contact Us

In case of emergency: Call 911

Non-Emergency Phone Number: 815-753-1212

Email: niupd@niu.edu

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