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Policy Approval Authority President
Responsible Division Human Resources Services
Responsible Officer(s) Chief Human Resources Officer
Contact Person John Acardo
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Last Review Date 08-01-2016
Policy Category/Categories Human Resources / Employment

I. Purpose

The following policy was created in order to provide guidance for employees and supervisors on acceptable  practices and protocols for university and committee service. This policy addresses service by Supportive Professional  Staff and Operating Staff. It does not pertain to faculty service, which is addressed in the respective college policy documents.

The university is committed to its teaching, research and service missions. Supportive Professional  Staff and Operating Staff are encouraged  to contribute to the mission of the university through service on the many committees, commissions, task forces, search committees, and on the SPS or Operating Staff Council, its committees  and its hearing boards as part of the university's tradition of shared governance. SPS and Operating Staff employees  may take part in university service as part of their normal work schedules and responsibilities with the approval and concurrence of their supervisors.

Supervisors are urged to permit and encourage their employees to participate in relevant university service, as this is seen to enhance the effective functioning of the university community,  and to enhance the work experience and professional development of its employees. Such service should not unduly interfere with the employee's ordinary work responsibilities. Supervisors  should authorize such participation  unless said participation will necessitate the employee's absence from the work site during times when the employee's presence is crucial to the accomplishments of the employee's duties.

II. Definitions

University service includes service on elected employee councils, and their respective standing and ad-hoc committees,  special grievance or hearing boards, and search committees and group interviews for major university appointments, as well as elected positions such as council presidents. Service also includes participating as a member of university committees,  presidential  commissions, and special task forces.

III. Procedures

Employees who are invited, nominated or elected to serve on university committees or other groups should seek the approval or concurrence of their supervisor and clarify the nature of the service, and the general expectations for time frames anticipated for such service. This discussion process should serve to prevent disagreements on time spent away from the normal work site and work responsibilities. Ifthe  commitment is anticipated to be extensive, (e.g. major search committees, councils, task forces) it is especially necessary for such supervisory approval.

If supervisors feel that any employee is not completing his or her duties in an adequately timely fashion, regardless of the suspected cause, they should address this lack of satisfactory performance through the normal institutional and department evaluation procedures.

If any employee feels that he/she is unfairly being denied the opportunity to serve on university committees or other groups by his or her supervisor, the employee should address the decision through normal institutional and departmental procedures.

IV. References

  • Board of Trustees Regulations
  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Business Procedures (under construction)


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