Transportation Services Trailers

Policy Approval Authority President
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 04-28-2017
Policy Category/Categories Facilities / Real Estate

When a department acquires or disposes of a trailer, the department is responsible for notifying Transportation Services of such transactions.

  • When a trailer acquisition is made, Transportation Services will need the following information from the department:
  • Copies of all paperwork for the trailer including the Certificate of Origin (current title if used), department name, location of the trailer, contact person and NIU property control tag number.
  • If license plates are needed, Transportation Services will assist in obtaining the license plates from the Secretary of State’s Office. Trailers requiring license plates must have “U” plates.
  • When a trailer is being disposed of, the department must contact Transportation Services and return the license plates (if applicable). Transportation Services will secure the license plates until a time they are reassigned to another trailer.
  • Annually, Transportation Services will contact those departments who are on record as having a trailer and will request that the contact person (1) verify that the department is still in possession of the trailer, (2) request the current location of the trailer, (3) supply the license plate number and (4) supply the NIU property control tag number. Any discrepancies will be addressed in order to rectify the situation.


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