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Effective Adoption Date 04-28-2017
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Take-Home Vehicle Policy

University vehicles are to be used for official State business only. University vehicles are not to be used for commuting purposes between State business and an employee’s home. University vehicles are not to be parked at private residences.

Per the JCAR Administrative Code Title 44 Section 5040.340, it states:

Vehicles may be assigned to specific individuals if authorized in writing by the head of the agency to which the vehicle is assigned. Agencies will be required to report to CMS annually and when changes occur, including the name of each employee assigned a vehicle, the equipment number and license plate number of the assigned vehicle, employee's headquarters and residence, and any additional information requested by CMS. Authorization is to be granted only if one or more of the following conditions are met:

  • The vehicle is specially equipped to perform law enforcement services and the law enforcement employee is on call 24 hours a day.
  • The employee's work assignment requires traveling to numerous locations over a considerable territory with infrequent stops at the employee's headquarters as defined in the regulations concerning State employee travel.
  • When the employee is a State official confirmed by the State Senate or acting in the capacity of such a State official; however, in the case of such State officials who are employed by agencies under the Governor, including heads of agencies, the employee must provide written justification to CMS as to why the exclusive assignment of a State vehicle to that employee is in the best interests of the State.
  • The employee is regularly subject to special or emergency calls from his or her residence during non-duty hours.
  • Vehicles usage will be in accordance with the provisions of Section 5040.350

The State of Illinois does not provide liability coverage to a driver operating a State vehicle outside the scope of his/her employment. Insurance coverage only applies when the vehicle is in scheduled travel status.

Travel Guidelines

State guidelines require agencies and drivers to use the most economical mode of transportation available when traveling. Things to consider when planning to travel:
  • Travel time, number of persons traveling together and work requirements of the trip to help determine the best travel plan
  • Budget limitations
  • Modes of transportation
    • Transportation Services can assist you with the following:
    • Other transportation options to consider:
      • Personal vehicle (see “Travel Voucher” to calculate the cost of your trip )
      • Public transportation, car sharing programs, etc.
  • Use the safest, most direct route possible to get to your destination

If you need assistance, please contact Transportation Services at 753-1558.

Travel Status Policy/Procedure

Transportation Services recognizes that there are certain circumstances where it’s logical, reasonable and in the best interest of the university that a vehicle in travel status may be parked at a residence. Employees should be conscientious that misuse of university vehicles can potentially lead to negative public perception and unwanted media attention.

Transportation Services must be notified in advance if a vehicle will be parked at a residence, following the travel status guidelines according to the JCAR Title 80: Subtitle I: Chapter IV: Part 3000: Section 3000.140 below. All travel requests will be evaluated by Transportation Services to ensure that a travel situation clearly justifies the use of an official university vehicle at a private residence. Transportation Services reserves the right to deny a request if they feel that there is the potential for improper use of a university vehicle.

“Travel Status” is defined by the JCAR as: “an employee shall be considered on “travel status” while away from headquarters on authorized State business. Travel status shall begin when an employee leaves headquarters or, if reporting directly to destination, from residence or other location. Travel status shall conclude when an employee returns to headquarters or, if reporting directly from original destination, to residence or other location at the completion of authorized State business.

Source: General Travel Code Definitions

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