Faculty Emeritus Status

Original Policy Source APPM Section 2. Item 19.
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 11-11-1998
Last Review Date 01-20-1999
Policy Category/Categories Faculty & Academics

The designation of Emeritus is routinely granted by the University and the Board of Trustees to tenured, ranked faculty members who retire from the university in good standing. (see note 1)

Additionally, in exceptional cases, Emeritus Status may be granted to other faculty members based on merit and a recommendation made to the president. Faculty who are granted Emeritus Status will retain their professorial rank and title at the time of retirement followed by the designation "Emeritus" or "Emerita." (see note 2)

A list of the names of the tenured, ranked faculty who have retired during the fiscal year and the names of those tenured, ranked faculty who plan to retire before the beginning of the next academic year will be prepared by the Office of Human Resource Services each year prior to May 15 and forwarded to the provost. (see note 3) The provost will review the list to determine the standing of the faculty for Emeritus Status. Those tenured, ranked faculty who are in good standing will be recommended to the president who, in turn, will submit the list of faculty as an information item to the Board of Trustees at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

Once a tenured, ranked faculty member's name is presented to the Board of Trustees for Emeritus Status, the retired faculty member may officially use the Emeritus designation.

Note 1

A retiring tenured, ranked faculty member is in good standing provided (a) any financial obligations to the university have been settled; (b) no termination proceeding has been initiated against the faculty member and remains pending at the time of retirement; and, (c) the faculty member has not been discharged for cause.

Note 2

Faculty titles are "Assistant Professor," "Associate Professor," "Professor," "Presidential Engagement Professor," "Presidential Research Professor," "Presidential Teaching Professor," "Distinguished Engagement Professor," "Distinguished Research Professor," and "Distinguished Teaching Professor."

Note 3

The list will consist of all tenured, ranked faculty who have signed formal retirement agreements or filed State Universities Retirement System (SURS) applications through Human Resource Services prior to May 15 of a given year.

Approved by University Council, November 11, 1998 
Reported to Board of Trustees, January 14, 1999 
President's modifications reported to University Council, January 20, 1999

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