Exemptions from the University Civil Service System

Policy Approval Authority President
Responsible Division Human Resources Services
Responsible Officer(s) Chief Human Resources Officer
Contact Person John Acardo
Primary Audience Staff
Status Active
Last Review Date 10-01-2016
Policy Category/Categories Human Resources / Employment

The State Universities Civil Service Act (110 ILCS 70/36e) states that all employees shall be covered by the State Universities Civil Service System.  This means that all positions are considered civil service unless the duties being performed do not fit a civil service classification. When the duties of the position do not fit a civil service classification then the position can be exempted under the 36e provisions the statute. The statute provides five categories for exemption:

  1. The members and officers of the Merit Board and the board of trustees, and the commissioners of the institutions and agencies covered.
  2. The presidents and vice presidents of each institution.
  3. Other principle administrative employees of each institution and agency as determined by the Merit Board.
  4. The teaching, research and extension faculties of each institution and agency.
  5. Students employed under the rules prescribed by the Merit Board, without examination or certification.

Exemption decisions are made by Human Resource Services based on the duties outlined in the job description. 


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