Disclosure of Economic Interest

Policy Approval Authority President
Responsible University Office Ethics and Compliance Office
Responsible Officer(s) Ethics and Compliance Officer and Title IX Coordinator
Contact Person Sarah Garner, sadamski1@niu.edu
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Last Review Date 10-23-2019
Policy Category/Categories Ethics & Conduct
Human Resources / Employment

The Illinois Governmental Ethics Act, 5 ILCS 420 et seq., and Executive Order 15-09 requires certain public officers and employees of NIU to file a Statement of Economic Interest (to the Illinois Secretary of State) and Supplemental Statement of Economic Interest (to the Executive Ethics Commission) by May 1 of each year. These are two separate forms which are required of certain employees. The Ethics Officer is required to review each statement that is submitted to the respective office.

The form must be:

  • Fully answered with all questions answered (or indicate "not applicable" if appropriate)
  • Personally signed; and
  • Dated

Individuals Required to File

Members of the Board of Trustees of Northern Illinois University are required to file.

The criteria that apply to compensated Northern Illinois University employees are described in Section 4A-101(f) of the Act and apply to both statements. The applicable criteria include:

  • Persons who are, or who function as, the head of a university department or other administrative unit.
  • Persons who have supervisory authority over, or direct responsibility for the formulation, negotiation, issuance or execution of contracts entered into by the University in the amount of $5,000 or more.
  • Persons who have authority for the issuance or promulgation of formal administrative rules and regulations within the university.
  • Persons who adjudicate, arbitrate or decide any judicial or administrative proceeding, or review the adjudication, arbitration or decision of any judicial or administrative proceeding within the authority of the university.
  • Persons who have supervisory responsibility for 20 or more University employees.

In January of each year, Human Resource Services and the Ethics Officer will develop a list of employees whose responsibilities are expected to include one or more of the above criteria. The list will be sent to the Office of the Secretary of State for certification. When the statements are available for the employee's completion, the Ethics Officer will notify employees who are required to file via university email. The email will contain detailed instructions on how to complete the statements and important deadlines.

If an employee receives notice that they are required to comply, but believes they have been inappropriately identified, please contact the Ethics Officer.

Accuracy and Completeness Required

The law states that any person required to file a statement of economic interests who willfully files a false or incomplete statement shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

If an employee is unsure how to answer a question, it is advisable to consult with the Ethics Officer.

Penalties for Late Filing/Failure to File

Employees required to comply with this Act should note there are personal penalties imposed through the Secretary of State's Office for failure to timely file an original, fully completed Statement of Economic Interests.

These include:

  • A late filing fee of $15 if filed after May 1 and on or before May 15.
  • A penalty of $100 for each day from May 16 to the date of filing in addition to the $15 late filing fee.

Failure to file by May 31 will result in ineligibility for, or forfeiture of, office or position of employment.


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