Adding/Removing a Writing Infused Course to/from the Catalog Procedure

Original Policy Source APPM Section III. Item 28.
Policy Approval Authority University Council
Responsible University Office Office of the Provost
Responsible Officer(s) Associate Vice Provost
Contact Person Ian Gawron
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 09-14-2017
Last Review Date 12-12-2019
Policy Category/Categories Faculty & Academics


This information is intended to set forth the basic procedures by which a department, program area (e.g., Center for Black Studies), school, or college can submit a course to fulfill the Writing Infused Course baccalaureate graduation requirement.


Students entering NIU with 30 or fewer credit hours, excluding credits awarded through NIU’s Credit by Examination Program, must earn credit in two upper-division courses that are designated as "writing-infused." These courses may be taken within the general education program, the major program, or through electives. To qualify as Writing Infused, a course must:

  • Be a 300 or 400-level course
  • Cap enrollment at 35 students
  • Have writing make up at least 25 percent of the grade
  • Set an overall 3,000-word semester minimum per student
  • Include discussion of writing style/structure
  • Provide students ongoing feedback on their writing


Submitting a course to fulfill the writing infused course baccalaureate graduation requirement:

  1. Departments, program areas, schools, or colleges must complete the Writing Infused Course Application. This is an online form that will be routed appropriately once submitted.
  2. The Writing Infused Course Application must be approved by the respective college’s curriculum committee. If the area submitting the application has no college (e.g., Center for Black Studies), the application will be routed to the Baccalaureate Council once submitted.
  3. Upon approval by the college’s curriculum committee, the application is forwarded directly to the catalog editor/curriculum coordinator for inclusion in the catalog. Applications received up to the last day of a calendar year will be added to the next catalog.

To have a course removed as a Writing Infused Requirement, show the removal as an "Other Catalog Change" in the appropriate college curriculum committee attachments.

Approved by the Baccalaureate Council: September 14, 2017
Revised by the Baccalaureate Council: December 12, 2019

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