Certificate of Graduate Study in Geographic Information Analysis

About the Program

Our Certificate of Graduate Study in Geographic Information Analysis is designed for graduate students in all disciplines and for professionals seeking advanced education in geographic information systems, mapping science and applications. In any career where information must be mapped, the ability to perform that mapping in a computer environment is critical. The skills you'll learn in this certificate program will give you the ability to apply your knowledge of cartography, mapping, geographic information systems and science to specific geographic and mapping issues faced by decision-makers.

Please contact the Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences at 815-753-0631, prior to registering for any courses.

Program Mode of Delivery

This program is delivered entirely online.

Career Opportunities

The application of geographic information analysis is found in many career fields, including:

  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Risk assessment
  • Government agencies (local through federal)
  • Energy
  • Agribusiness
  • Transportation
  • Urban planning and development
  • Environmental issues


The certificate includes courses that focus on forms of spatial data and their essential properties, principles and methods for collecting spatial data, principles of map design and effective graphic communication, and how spatial data can be used to investigate complex social and environmental issues.

More information can be found in the NIU course catalog.


Xuwei Chen

Mike Konen

James Wilson

Phil Young

Applying to the Program

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Program Type: Online graduate certificate
College: College of Liberal Arts and SciencesDepartment of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences  
Credits Required: 16-18 credits
Tuition per Credit: $505.00
$874.24 (international)
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Application Deadlines

For applicants residing in the U.S.

Term Deadline
Fall August 15
Spring December 13

For international students living abroad

Term Deadline
Fall October 1
Spring December 1


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