Student Organizations

You can round out your academic experience by participating in the wide range of scholarly, social, athletic and community service activities offered by the College of Law's student organizations. With over twenty organizations to choose from, you are likely to find many activities that complement your personal or professional interests. You can also earn academic credit through participation in organizations such as Moot Court, Law Review and the Trial Advocacy Society.

The American Constitution Society (ACS) seeks to promote the vitality of the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental values it expresses: individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, access to justice, democracy and the rule of law. Based on these fundamental values, we advocate for the belief that the law can and should be an active force in improving the lives of all people.

2017 - 2018 ACS Officers

President: Alivia Hatten
Vice-President: Cody Follis
Secretary: Marlen Garcia
Treasurer: Keith Cameron
Membership Chair: Rebecca McCorkle

Faculty Advisor 

Professor Marc Falkoff

BLSA's purpose is to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of students requiring support, emphasizing black law students and other students who have minority representation in the law school community. A goal is to foster and encourage professional competence among underrepresented students. BLSA strives to develop services that are beneficial to the community at-large. BLSA assists law students at the college with their legal studies by developing various support and study groups that will enable the College of Law to better retain its valued minority law students.

2017 - 2018 Officer

President: Alonte Holliday

Faculty Advisor

Professor Yolanda M. King

The NIU chapter of the Christian Legal Society (CLS) has set out three goals to meet the spiritual needs of interested students.

  • Provide a forum for all students, regardless of religious affiliation, to ask questions and gain knowledge about the Christian faith.
  • Provide a place for fellowship and encouragement of all students, particularly Christ-followers, in the law school.
  • Come to a better understanding of what it means to be a Christian attorney.

CLS meets once a week during the noon hour for food, fun, Bible study, prayer and discussion. CLS also periodically brings in knowledgeable panelists to share their insights.

2017 - 2018 Executive Board

President: Justine Alfaro
Vice President: Emily Beebe
Secretary: Kenton McIntosh
Treasurer: Thomas Whitcombe
Social Chair: Loryn Cox

Faculty Advisors

Dean Mark Cordes

Professor Morse Tan

The Criminal Law Society is a student organization dedicated to promoting a thorough understanding of the field of criminal law. The society aims to expose students to the legal and practical aspects of the American criminal justice system by creating opportunities to interact with faculty, practitioners, judges and community organizations.

Events throughout the academic year will include networking opportunities, panel discussions and field programs.

Membership in the Criminal Law Society is open to all law students at NIU.

2017 - 2018 CLS Officers

President: Hayley Botts
Vice President: Ryan Dezonno
Treasurer: Kristin Grossman
Secretary: Akkowa Alexander

Faculty Advisor

Professor Daniel McConkie

Delta Theta Phi is a professional law fraternity that provides its members with academic support, social activities and participates in various community projects.

Because of the willingness of Delta members to help first year students, Delta can provide the type of support that helps attain academic excellence. Toward that end, Delta offers study sessions conducted by second and third year students that have excelled in a particular subject area. Delta Theta Phi also maintains an extensive library of course outlines and commercially published study guides that are available for use by Delta members.

Delta also sponsors guest lectures and workshops on various topics in the law.

2017 - 2018 Officers

President: Becky Rodriguez
Vice President: Callie Lee

Faculty Advisor

Professor David Gaebler

The ELS is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the integrity and advancing the interests of the environment through the legal system, and educating the NIU community about the current state of environmental law.

The ELS of NIU is dedicated to the goals of educating the law school and surrounding community about current environmental law issues and is dedicated to protecting the quality of life by protecting the quality and health of the environment.

The activities of the ELS include, but aren't limited to:

  • hosting speakers, debates and conferences on current environmental issues
  • carrying out research projects for attorneys and organizations on current issues in environmental law
  • networking with students at other law schools, colleges, universities and high schools
  • conducting educational events
  • and advocating on behalf of the environment within our law school and our community

2017 - 2018 Officer

President: Jennifer Malec

Faculty Advisor

Professor Robert Jones

The Family Law Society (FLS) at Northern Illinois University College of Law is committed to bringing change and awareness to all family law issues including divorce, paternity, child support, adoption and parental rights.

Throughout the academic year, FLS works collaboratively on many events with other organizations in the College of Law. These volunteer and networking efforts promote positive experiences for children in the community and help raise funds for programs that benefit families and children.

FLS is for all students and is an excellent resource for those who are married, divorced, single or a parent. Custody issues, parenting time, father’s rights and divorce are a part of many NIU Law students’ lives, and the FLS is an excellent resource for collaborating with others on these issues.

The FLS is the perfect place for students to explore their interests in family law while giving back to the community.

No large time commitment is necessary, membership is free and all are welcome.

For more information, contact FLS at

2017 - 2018 FLS Board

President: Nicole Santiago
Vice President: Sydney Cadwell
Secretary/Treasurer: Ashley Galmore
Social Chair: Jennifer Malec
3L Representatives: Jake Trotter and Raquel Chavez
2L Representative: Stephanie Silkey
1L Representatives: TBD

Faculty Advisor

Professor Wendy Vaughn 

The Federalist Society at Northern Illinois University College of Law (“Fed Soc”) is an organization of libertarian and conservative students, recognized by The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, a national organization. Fed Soc exists to initiate and promote intelligent debate and discussion of legal policy as an active and visible voice at the law school and beyond.

Fed Soc is dedicated to following principles:

  • the state exists to preserve the natural law of human freedom
  • the separation of governmental powers (both between the three branches and between the various levels: federal, state, county, municipal) is central to the healthy functioning of the United States Constitution
  • that the duty of the federal and state judiciaries is to say what the law is, not what it "should" be

Any and all threats to these principles must be vigorously and enthusiastically resisted through the means of active citizenship, appropriate and intelligent debate, integrity of leadership and cheerfulness and generosity of tone and spirit.

The primary means to promote the Federalist Society mission is best illustrated by debates featuring legal scholars from across the United States. Reasonable minds may differ. 

2017 - 2018 Cabinet

Co-President: Nicholas Rochford
Co-President: Craig Bott Faculty

Faculty Advisor

Professor Mitch Pickerill

We are an academic and social group of Northern Illinois University College of Law students, interested in a continuing dialogue on issues surrounding the GLBTA communities of northern Illinois. We are comprised of law students, gay and straight, and welcome the membership, interest, insight and experience of inquisitive Northern Illinois University law students.

2017 - 2018 Executive Board

President: Josiah Accola
Vice-President: Tia McMeans

Faculty Advisor

Professor Alan Boudreau

The ISBA is a professional organization that represents over 32,000 lawyers and students throughout the state of Illinois. The ISBA is dedicated to promoting the interest, integrity and high standards of the legal profession.

As a member of the Law School Division, you receive monthly editions of the Illinois Bar Journal. Your membership automatically enrolls you in seven substantive law section newsletters including Tort Law, Real Estate Law, Criminal Justice, Trusts and Estates, Civil Practice and Procedure and others. You are eligible for nomination for the ISBA Public Service Award recognizing the efforts of the ISBA membership.

In addition to participation in local law school sponsored activities, you may also gain admission to the ISBA Law Education Series Programs and seminars throughout the state. As a student member, you gain an invaluable introduction to the services and opportunities provided by the ISBA.

Many law school organization affiliations end at graduation. However, your relationship with the ISBA is one that will grow and mature well beyond your law school experience.

Membership is free for law students. For more information on becoming a member, visit the ISBA student membership page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the ISBA representatives at the law school.

2017 -2018 NIU Law Representatives

3L Head Representative: Alexeus Bender
2L Representative: Brian Fernandez

The purpose of the International Law Students Association is to inform the student body of the great opportunities that exist in international law both in the Chicago area and abroad, and to increase awareness of the possible international questions that may arise in practice. To further these goals ILSA has organized career councils featuring Chicago lawyers with tips on how to get your dream job, and has brought speakers to discuss the development of NAFTA, the EU, and the situation in the former Yugoslavia.

The society participates annually in the Jessup Cup International Moot Court competition against other schools, and also networks with international law students of other Midwestern schools to increase the number of activities available to NIU members. The ILSA bulletin board displays information about the various ABA accredited study abroad programs that exist. ILSA maintains a written file system with detailed information from the national organization regularly.

Faculty Advisor

Professor Morse Tan

The Juvenile Interest Law Society (JILS) is a student organization dedicated to promoting the best interests of our society’s juvenile members. JILS seeks to expose NIU students, faculty and community stakeholders to the issues and challenges inherent in various areas of law concerning juveniles.

These areas of law include, but are not limited to:

  • family law
  • juvenile law
  • education law
  • criminal law

JILS aims to create opportunities for students to interact with faculty, practitioners, judges and community organizations. Events throughout the academic year will include networking opportunities, panel discussions, field programs and philanthropy opportunities. JILS will also be in charge of Street Law, a program which injects law students into local public high schools to teach basic legal literacy to students.

2017 - 2018 Board

President: Brandon D. Jones-Milton
Vice President: Ashley Galmore
Treasurer: Brian Fernandez
Secretary: Diana Qiao
1L Coordinator: Sharonda Roberson
Marketing Coordinator: Stephanie Silkey
Special Projects Coordinator: Roshun Gurunathan

Faculty Advisor

Professor Maybell Romero 

LLSA is committed to assisting its members to succeed and excel throughout their law school careers. LLSA accomplishes this by providing support programs which include workshops, study groups, access to study aides and a mentorship program.

Beyond academic support, LLSA hosts several social activities throughout the year, such as ethnic luncheons and parties. These types of activities are also excellent opportunities to socialize with other students as well as the professors outside the classroom. Some past activities include a panel discussion focusing on ethics and the law that featured prominent Hispanic professors, lawyers and judges.

LLSA has also co-sponsored an immigration clinic with the INS for the DeKalb community.

2017 - 2018 Officers

President: Manuel Valdez
Vice President: Brian Fernandez
Secretary: Marlen Garcia
Social Chair/Media Relations: Irubiel Ferrer
Treasurer: Victor Zamora

Faculty Advisor

Professor Robert Jones

The Northern Illinois University Law Review is a student-edited journal that publishes articles intended to assist the legal community and to stimulate critical discussion of current legal, policy and social issues. Members of the Law Review participate in an intensive two-semester writing and production program designed to develop writing and editing skills.

For more information, see the NIU Law Review page.

Lawyers Opposing Violence Everywhere (LOVE) is a student-run organization dedicated to educating and raising awareness about issues of violence that are present both on our campus and in our society, as well as advocating and supporting victims of violence. Moreover, LOVE hopes to focus on the legal aspects of violence, and how we can use the legal system to be a proactive force in the community. LOVE hosts various guest lecturers, such as organizations that focus on domestic violence and human trafficking. Lastly, LOVE sponsors multiple fundraisers throughout the academic year in order to raise money for local charities.

2017 - 2018 Executive Board

President: Stephanie Moore
Treasurer: Ryan Dezonno

Faculty Advisor

Professor Wendy Vaughn

The Moot Court Society is a student-run organization whose purpose is to further the advancement of appellate advocacy. It draws its members from those students who have participated in the Lenny B. Mandell Moot Court Competition offered to second-year students, or participants in other cocurricular moot court competitions.

Members participate in the formulation of the Moot Court problem, the administration of the program, and the judging of arguments in other programs. They are also eligible for membership on teams which participate in regional and national competitions.

2017 - 2018 Moot Court Society Board

Chief Justice: Jacob Trotter
Associate Justices: To be decided

Faculty Advisor

Professor David Taylor

Phi Alpha Delta is a professional law fraternity that provides an important link between the law student and practicing attorneys. The international organization is the largest legal fraternity in the world with over 100,000 law students, legal educators and members of the bench and bar.

Locally, the Dooley Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta offers opportunities to associate with practicing attorneys, judges and government officials and alumni in various related fields.

In addition, PAD sponsors social functions to promote each member's full personal development during law school and after. PAD offers professional programs, such as brief-writing workshops, access to study aids and outlining instructions. PAD also offers the opportunity to socialize with students, which helps make your law school experience more manageable.

Faculty Advisor

Professor Jeanna Hunter

The purpose of the Professionalism and Ethics Society is to enhance the Northern Illinois University College of Law community’s professional and ethical principles inside and outside of the classroom to help develop more well-rounded future attorneys.

The objectives of the Society are to:

  • have more student involvement in both the process and delivery of the professionalism series provided by the faculty of NIU
  • offer honest, realistic expectations of the legal profession
  • encourage healthy and balanced professional and person lives
  • encourage consistent professionalism in all aspects of life
  • promote ethical behavior and practices
  • facilitate a mentoring program with alumni and practicing attorneys in the area to develop extended relationships and encourage growth in professionalism, networking, and life balance
  • create and work towards one specific semester goal(s) that changes each semester in focus and purpose
  • develop a Professionalism and Ethics Society scholarship on an annual basis

The PES and Professor Laurel Rigertas appear in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

2017 - 2018 Officers

President: Keith Cameron
Vice-President: Kaitlin King
Andrew Mertzenich

Faculty Advisor

Professor Laurel Rigertas

The Public Interest Law Society (PILS) is a student-run organization dedicated to the development of public interest law awareness and opportunities within the legal profession. PILS raises money through their annual PILS auction, raffles and other events at the College of Law to provide outreach assistantships to students involved in unpaid public interest legal positions during the summer. Additionally, PILS provides informational resources and networking opportunities in Illinois to students interested in public interest legal careers.


Faculty Advisor

The Second Amendment Society is an organization with the goal of facilitating thought and conversation concerning the Second Amendment and what role the amendment plays in the modern world.

2017 - 2018 Executive Board

Secretary Kyler Juckins
National Coordinator/Treasurer: Keith Stiggers

The purpose of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society is to bring together students who share a common interest in sports and entertainment law. The aim of the group is to promote the professional needs and goals of students who wish to pursue a career in entertainment and/or sports law.

Activities will include lectures and networking events that help students find information about summer school options, internship opportunities, contacts within the industry, writing competitions and fostering ways for students to keep up with current issues in sports and entertainment law.

Faculty Advisor

Professor Yolanda King

NIU Law is the 113th law school chapter working to promote the field of animal law under the auspices of the non-profit Animal Legal Defense Fund, whose mission is to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

With the organization's support, students in the NIU Law chapter will join the ranks of hundreds of other student chapter members nationwide, taking on such projects as:

  • advocating for the addition of animal law courses to curriculums
  • hosting speakers, debates, panels and conferences
  • writing law review articles for journals dedicated to animal law
  • tabling on campus to raise awareness about animal issues
  • volunteering to do legal research and writing for local law firms

2017 - 2018 Officers

President: Rebecca McCorkle
Vice President: Tiana Sarto
Secretary: Lauren Harris
Social Chair: Michelle Aggacid

Faculty Advisor

to be determined

NIU Law has many student organizations which provide an excellent opportunity for students to become more involved in their law school community. The Student Bar Association (SBA) serves as the "umbrella organization" of the law school because it allocates funding to help support the work of other law school organizations. The SBA also sponsors such activities as speakers, a basketball league, picnics, parties and other activities geared toward the professional, academic and social interests of the students. Every law student is automatically a member of the SBA and thus may vote for candidates for its governing board. Four representatives are elected in September from the first-year class to serve for the fall semester.

2017 - 2018 SBA Executive Board of Directors and Representatives

President: Keith Stiggers
Vice President: Victor Zamora
Secretary: Megan Swenson
Treasurer: Jason Blumenthal
ABA Representative: Joel Heilmann
3L Representative: Raquel Chavez
3L Representative: Tara Ramljak
3L Representative: Neil Michling
3L Representative: Tiana Sarto
2L Representative: Brian Fernandez
2L Representative: Ryan Fragassi
2L Representative: Nicholas Rochford
2L Representative: Manuel Valdez
Section 1 1L Representative: Vaughn Richardson
Section 2 1L Representatives: Athenamarie Demros and Mitch Hixenbaugh

Faculty Advisor

Dean Kathy Coles

The Trial Advocacy Society is a student organization committed to developing trial advocacy skills and preparing students to become effective trial lawyers. This mission is achieved through a variety of activities, which includes hosting student competitions, such as the 2L Mock Trial Competition, as well as through other events including educational seminars, guest speakers who are prominent jurists and trial lawyers within the community; and hosting social events focused on trials and the development of trial skills.

2017 - 2018 Trial Ad Society Chambers

Heads of Chambers:
Tiana Sarto
Joel Heilmann
Masters of the Bench: To be decided

Faculty Advisor

David Taylor

The Women's Law Caucus is an active organization on campus which not only provides its members with support in adjusting to the law school environment, but also provides educational support for its members, as well as the entire student body, in an attempt to bring some "real world" experience into our academic setting.

The Women's Law Caucus does not solely consist of women nor does it exist for the benefit of women only. Male students have played an active role in the caucus in previous years and are invited to continue to do so.

The main objectives are to address issues faced by women in the field of law, as well as to examine issues faced by lawyers in general.

WLC educational programs are of great interest to men and women alike. WLC sponsors a variety of programs, including:

  • mentor program
  • guest speakers
  • career and issue panel discussions
  • opportunities to network with practicing attorneys and judges
  • volunteer work for the Court Appointed Special Advocacy (CASA) Program
  • wine and cheese receptions
  • pot luck dinners

The Women's Law Caucus Mentor Program provides the opportunity for a first year student to be paired with a second or third year law student who has volunteered to assist the new student with integration into the law school community. The mentor program is open to all students, regardless of WLC membership.

2017 - 2018 Officers

President: Megan Yentes
Vice-President: Kristin Grossman
Secretary: Emily Crutchfield
Treasurer: Emily Palmer
Fundraising Chair: Tara Ramljak

Faculty Advisor

Professor David Taylor